A Stronger Storm Headed Our Way

October 1, 2009

The flood waters have not yet subsided and a stronger storm is headed our way.

In times like these, when logic and reason do not work, prayer does!

Speakers like me can encourage people to stay strong in the midst of the storm. Scientists can provide helpful info on how to act during a storm but only Jesus can still the storm.

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  1. aris

    Thanks Mr. Kong for encouragement, although im here abroad, im worried for my loved ones in san antonio nueva ecija for it is a low lying area and our rice farm will get devastated again..

    hope God will be with us during this difficult times…

  2. Alice T. Valerio

    I’ve been a constant reader of your bloghost and I do really appreciate your very inspiring messages.

    Indeed, during these catastrophic events, we have to put all the trust in God because He is the only one who can spare us from these. We have a God who can tame a storm and do miracles… God bless the Philippines!

  3. Agnes

    I love to read your bloghost. They are so inspirirng. It gets me going everytime I read your blogs, More Power.

  4. jefth

    tragedy really reveals character, and for few it changes character too for better! May we be that few!

    THANKS Sir Francis Kong for being a great instrument for a better Philippines…

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