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July 29, 2009

Culture of Personal Excellence Poster

September 4, 2009; 9am to 5.30pm at SMX

Culture of Personal Excellence by Francis J. Kong

What separates you from who you are and the best that you can be?


Discover how Francis J. Kong – the country’s foremost inspirational speaker – made it to the pinnacle of excellence in this remarkable experiential learning event.

Call 687.2614 for details and reservations.

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  1. Jericho Saldeva

    Hello Francis Kong,

    Are you working with Lloyd Luna? He mentioned in one of his career talks that you mentored him. But I found that his values are perverted and his book “Is there a job waiting for you?” has many grammatical errors and has egoistic principles.

    Are you partnering with him in most seminars?

  2. Roland Abuan

    WOW ! a very interesting topic !

    How I wish I can attend… but I conduct a regular PDOS in our office every Tuesday and Friday @ 1-5 pm… hmmmmmmmm….

    May I know how much is the ticket / fee, please?

    Thanks+Best regards,

    Roland Abuan
    Training and Career Development Officer II
    Phil. Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training
    Trunk : +63-2-8981111 loc. 1211
    email :

    Save a tree. Please don’t print unless you really need to.

  3. Tom Pascual Jr.

    Hi Francis,

    I’m a big fan from books to Phil Star. I intend to attend but I hope you can also post the fee. Some leaders may be interested in sending their people as part of their development.

  4. Patrick Joemel de Guzman

    Hi! I’m interested in bringing along my team in your seminar. May I know how much it costs?


  5. richardsy

    hi sir, i’m interested.
    how much is the registration?

  6. angelica

    good evening sir. 🙂 i would just like to ask how much is the ticket?

  7. Henedina C. Ramos

    Hi, Sir Francis
    I never seen or heard you in person. I would very much want to attend, like all of the above would want to know the cost of the ticket Re : Budgetary Constraint”. How I wish I can afford it this time. Appreciate your reply to our query.

  8. Adelaida K. Miranda

    Hi Mr. Francis Kong,
    Am looking forward to Sept.4/09
    And hoping I can invite some of my friends too.
    More power to you!!

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