What happens when…..?

September 12, 2008

What happens when you stand in front of 489 High School students and speak for more than an hour on values and principles for living? One word……Electrifying!!!

When you speak in front of young people your mind tells you “these people have very short attention span and the age gap between the speaker and the audience may be a hindrance” but thank God it was not the case. Not many people know and I keep hearing them say, “Francis you were so inspiring….” but the truth is that most speakers will tell you they derive their energy and inspiration from the audience. And these lovely students from Caritas Don Bosco School surely inspired me.

This is the reason why I spend a lot of time speaking to young people in schools hoping that by telling them and teaching them values, they will learn it and live it and make this country a better place when it’s their turn to lead! God bless the children!

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  1. Daniel Baturiano

    Hi Mr. Francis!

    Thank you for being an inspiration to me and to my school mates. We will strive hard to make sure our future is set to the right direction. Like you i also have a dream ofbeing magna cum laude when i finish college. You will always be my inspiration, may you and your familybe showered with blessings from God!

  2. Kristina Hermida

    Hi Mr. Francis! I’m Inah and I’m one of the 489 students of Caritas Don Bosco School. ;P..You’re talk was very inspiring. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully I’ll learn more. Never stop learning, that’s what you said.;] and oh, i LOVE your voice(haha). I hope to hear from you soon. Godbless!

  3. Johannah Palacios

    HI Mr. Farncis.ü you’re so peculiar.=D

    I’m Johannah,a sophmore student, one of the 489 students that you’ve seen last sept 11.ü your talk was very inspiring.ü you remind me of my father who has the same attitude like yours.I’m very touched about the things that you’ve shared about your daugther cause I have the same situation as hers.I’m not actually “malambing” to my parents but I love them as much as they love me.before I don’t know how to express them but after your talked I was like “woah!this guy’s amazing!ü” hehe…I’m looking forward on seeing you again someday.but I hope that by the time i’ll see u again i’m together ith my parents.ü

    just want to share with you a sentence which became my inspiration to be one of your kind.==WINNERS.ü==

    “Don’t listen to dream stealers, Go for yours.ü”

    see you soon.ü

  4. jessa barbosa

    good day, Mr. Francis.

    We really loved your talk yesterday, it was truly inspiring .. some of us ven thought that you are a good role model for us. I was really inspired on how you fell down so badly and yet you stood up with all your might .. You really are a winner, Mr. Francis.

    we adore you sooo much .. thank you for inspiring the whole Caritas Don Bosco Community. :]

  5. Claudine

    hi sir Francis!

    thanks for visiting our school… You are so amazing! I mean, for the first time in history (i think), your talk was the most energetic and at the same time inspiring talk i’ve ever been to… Your stories about your experiences really moved me and inspired me to do better in life.

    I will never forget the day you visited the school and most especially the talk you gave that inspired us young students to be ::winners::.

    I hope you will come back soon!
    keep safe always and God Bless!

  6. Daniel Jacinto

    Hi Sir Francis,I’m daniel jacinto from caritas don bosco. You’re talk was really amazing. I learned many things and values from you such as never stop learning, attitudes are better thatn skills and many more. you’re voice is really amazing too. I thought the talk was going to be boring but when one of the student had introduced you, I had been energize and i had become ready to listen to your talk because of what you had accomplished in life. I will follow your tips that I should sit in front of the class,, hahaha :D… Because of that talk i became inspired. Thank you sir Francis… Hope to hear your voice again…

  7. Pau

    Mr. Francis Kong, thank you so much for your time last thursday, we really learned a lot from you. 🙂 You have inspired us all to become WINNERS, you are the MOST INTERESTING speaker we had, ever. We hope to hear from you again, thank you again. 🙂

  8. Vladimir Beltran

    Good day Mr. Kong, my name is Christian Vladimir Beltran,a 4th year student from Caritas. Your talk here not only inspired me and my cohorts but also answered some of the problems I have at the moment. I would like to give you my thanks and appreciation for that.

  9. GÜD Day To YoÜ Po Mr. Kong.. Very iNsPirIng Po YÜnG talk Nyu Po SaNa MakaINspiRe Po KaÜ Sa Ibang Tau…I Really ApreCiate YOÜR Talk.. May God Bless Ü..489 Pla Kmi.. :]

  10. wind_phoenix9

    Sir grabeh ha!!!
    ;p you have inspired a lot of students with the same topic as us.
    pLs continue to inspire more pupils….

  11. johann de borja

    wow .. i was the one who said kind and simple that day … i have one of your books only the real matters . i was inspired in every story …im looking forward of seeing you again !!!!!!!
    whats that motto again is it “be others like you were others”???

  12. Neena Bravo

    Hi Mr. Francis
    good evening to you, thank you for attending the forum in our school in Caritas Don Bosco School, i know this comment is late but i just want you to know that your inspiring.. so thank you again and i know thats a very long talk, but you stood up!! just to share us what you know and the values that are important for us to know specially this days.
    we are really inspired of you thank you for being a good example as a winner.

  13. Mary Louisiana Cruz

    Hi Mr. Francis Kong… I’m one of the students in Caritas Don Bosco School. This is a supeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr late reply… I don’t have time kasi bacause of the projects… well… i learned a lot from your talk. Tnx…

    Please come back again!!!
    Take Care and God Bless!

  14. Mary Louisiana Cruz

    Hi Mr. Francis Kong… I’m one of the students in Caritas Don Bosco School. This is a supeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr late reply… I don’t have time kasi bacause of the projects… well… i learned a lot from your talk. Tnx…

    Please come back again!!!
    Take Care and God Bless!

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