The New Prosperity Forum with Josiah Go and Francis Kong

January 19, 2009

ForumThe New Prosperity Forum is a 2-in-1 conference that puts together two of the most-sought after speakers today — Josiah Go for marketing strategy and Francis Kong for leadership, helping you produce winners in both the marketplace and the workplace.  The half day forum is scheduled in the afternoon of Feb. 9, 2009 at the ballroom of Hotel Intercontinental, and also on Feb. 11, 2009 at the ballroom of Marriot Hotel in Cebu (saving plane fare, hotel and other expenses for our friends in VisMin)

Josiah Go, the most awarded business educator in the country, will introduce Market-Driving Strategies, the latest development in the marketing discipline.  No less than the father of modern marketing Philip Kotler (along with Prof. N. Kumar and L. Scheer) wrote about Market-Driving Strategies as the 4th major type of marketing orientation after sales driven, market-driven and customer-driven orientation.

Josiah’s seminars on “Market-Driving Strategies” are available only for in-house clients so this is a good opportunity to hear Josiah speak about this revolutionary marketing topic in the forum, all marketers and entrepreneurs are encouraged to be updated.  Market-Driving Strategies can help companies find new sources of revenues and wealth.  It has 3 pillars, with emphasis on the third:

  • Where you are? –  Instead of following the traditional logic of industry (LOI), firms can learn from the logic of strategy (LOS) by being different instead of merely being better, they can break the industry rules by redefining both the value proposition and marketing activities
  • Where you want to be? – Instead of targeting existing customers and use simplistic brand switching strategies, marginal and non-customers are the ones targeted.  This expands the market and/or increase consumption so companies can thrive even in a downturn economy.
  • How to get there? –  Instead of focusing on the existing business system, a thorough review of the firm’s end-to-end value chain is included for greater sustainable advantage, bringing back strategic thinking to marketers instead of being trapped in the day-to-day tactical side of the marketing mix.

Josiah will show the how to’s and share many NEVER-DISCUSSED BEFORE examples from different industries that have not adopted the traditional market-driven strategy (focusing on existing customers) but instead benefited from what is better termed as Market-Driving Strategies.  He hopes to introduce a new mindset and help your firms increase your revenues and profit for 2009 by showing the how of game-changing innovation and breakthrough marketing thinking with emphasis on business system.

Francis Kong, the most recognized name in inspirational and leadership talks in the country, will talk about Dealing and Leading During Difficult Times, beyond simple and surface cost-cutting measures.  He will share new leadership insights and his talk will focus on three main how to’s – to help companies avoid uncoordinated, impulsive and ineffective responses during tough times, which will result to greater and unnecessary cost of wastage for efforts that are done the wrong way.  Consider the following must-know points:

  • How to lead and create tough people who will outlast tough times
  • How to position a healthy and positive mindset amidst a negative surrounding
  • How to develop core values, courage and communication during difficult times

Tough times will surely go away but the people will still be there, whether staying in your company or in another industry.  Do not take leadership for granted – different situations call for different leadership inputs.  To adopt the usual response of the 1997-1998 crisis may not work for this time.  Companies who want to simply focus and invest their resources in their most profitable segment and cost-cut may be in for a big surprise in the future.  As the popular saying goes, “today’s solution becomes tomorrow’s problems”.  Learn Market-Driving Strategies and Dealing and Leading During Difficult Times to avoid surprises and problems in the future, and grab opportunities in today’s marketplace.

I will see you in the New Prosperity Forum and let’s start a bandwagon of positive thinkers!

Sincerely yours,

Chiqui Escareal-Go
President and CEO,
Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.
Helping your marketing and sales teams soar!


Sponsored by BusinessWorld and Inquirer with Abenson as platinum partner, the new information and insights you will learn in the 2-in-1 New Prosperity Forum featuring both Josiah Go and Francis Kong in a rare tandem are available at a low P2,688 + vat per person until Jan. 23, 2009 after that, regular rate becomes P2,988 + vat while onsite rate is P3,488 + vat.  1 FREE seat is given for the first 10 prepaid companies paying for a group of 7 (8th is free).

Please call Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. tel. nos. 722-2318, 727-7142 or 412-0034, text 0918-81-168-88 or email back with the names, positions, email addresses, mobile numbers and company name of your intended attendees to serve as your initial registration.

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