The 38th Developing The Leader Within You™ Workshop

January 12, 2009


January 27 and 28, 2009
8:30AM – 5:00PM
EDSA Shangri-La, Mandaluyong City

EQUIP your key LEADERS with the needed leadership abilities to maneuver your business during these difficult times.

Start the new year with a leadership skills upgrade through the Developing the Leader Within You™ Workshop, a leadership program designed by best-selling author and leadership guru, Dr. John C. Maxwell.

This will be facilitated by Francis J. Kong, Inspire’s Director and one of the country’s sought-after inspirational speaker.  Francis has been getting rave reviews for his facilitating this workshop:

“The best leadership program I’ve ever attended. The nuggets of wisdom Francis Kong imparted are priceless and extremely valuable for my personal and professional growth. Every leader should attend this. Will definitely move our country forward.” ~Eva Barrett, United Laboratories, Inc.

“Very inspiring speaker; makes me want to go out, live my life and be the best leader I could ever be!” ~Patricia Perlas, Total (Phil.) Corp.

Discover for yourself the many benefits of attending this leadership program.  Don’t miss the Developing the Leader Within You™ Workshop with Francis J. Kong on January 27-28, 2009 at the EDSA Shangri-La, Mandaluyong City.

Program Outline
(All sessions are highly interactive and are designed to draw out insights, personal realizations, and feedback from the participants.)

Day 1
Developing the Leader Within You: The Foundations of Leadership
Opening Discussion: The Difference between a Leader and a Manager
Session 1. The Law of Influence
Session 2. Introduction to the Five Levels of Leadership
Session 3. Uncovering your Level of Leadership
Session 4. The Law of Connection
Session 5. Leading with Integrity
Session 6. Values-based Leadership

Day 2
Session 7. The Law of Priorities
Session 8. Becoming a Focused Leader
Session 9. The Quickest Way to Gain Leadership
Session 10. The 5-Step Equipping Process
Session 11. Motivating the Unmotivated
Session 12. The Law of Navigation

After the Workshop
Validate Leadership Action Plan with management.

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  1. Phines

    Hi! Sir Francis, i am really really interested to hear you talk with a lot of inspiring & motivational thing but i cannot afford to attend to your seminars because of its costs. I am just an ordinary worker working here in Pasig. Just wanna ask if you have program for a day talk & for everyone from all walks of life who wants to come? Is it possible to have one? I am so thankful for this site and from the books you’ve published it really has a lot of benefits. More power!

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