July 31, 2013

To all the single girls out there. Let me ask you a question:
What are the top 3 things you want to see in your ideal man you would want to live with for the rest of your life? Please let me know. And please allow me the permission to present this survey in my marriage conferences. thank you for your honesty and generosity.

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  1. catherine

    10 years ago i prayed for it, here’s what i asked for..
    1. He must love God more than he loves me
    2. I would know he’s the one when is some simple, mysterious, romantic, or whatever way he draw me closer to God.
    3. He’d be someone that i would be glad to support, cheer on, pray for, care for, and have breakfast with every single morning after we said “i do” (actually i only prayed for the above two…this is what i just realized i wanted)

  2. dina

    1. possessing tremendous faith in God, someone whom I can talk about God
    2. responsible and someone who knows how to take care of our parents
    3. with a good head on his shoulders

  3. Aivee

    1. Respectful
    2. Family Oriented
    3. Smart but with sense of humor 🙂

  4. Lena

    Hi Sir Francis,
    I’m 23 and haven’t found ‘the one’. 🙂
    My prayer to God has always been consistent, I just ask Him to give it to me when I am ready for it.
    List? None but probably my bucket includes the following:
    1. Someone who views relationship as a deep commitment.
    2. A man that is just.
    3. Humor that matches mine!

  5. celeste

    1.God Fearing; who knows God
    2. Responsible
    3. Family Oriented

  6. Judy Ann Lalicon

    1. God Fearing
    2. No Vices
    3. Faithful to God and Family

  7. Pat

    1. Has faith in God and can help us grow our faith in Him together.
    2. Has a mature, responsible and optimistic approach in different matters of life.
    3. Fun to be with and willing to share his time in doing things big and small, like going on adventure trips… and doing household chores 😛

  8. Tin Laroa

    Someone like my father. 🙂

    1. Respectful
    2. Loving
    3. Knows the real meaning of sacrifice.

  9. Nicole Bernadette

    There’s only one thing I would like my ideal guy to have and that is

    “He must be God-fearing.” It’s only one because I believe that person is God-fearing all else follows. :))

  10. Hazel

    I prayed that God will give me a loving husband and father material, one who has faith in God and love me unconditionally.

  11. Sammie

    Three things: God-fearing, family-oriented and someone who just would never give up on me no matter what and would push me to be a better version of myself.

  12. Rosleen

    1. Someone who loves God and is actively pursuing him.
    2. Confident in himself: a strong sense of who he is and what he stands for
    3. Sensitive and understanding of others; can anticipate the needs of others.

  13. rowena v. balbuena

    top 3 for my ideal man
    1. matured christian
    2. perfect gentleman
    3. would love to see,talk,text,call me always.

  14. rhevvie

    1. A man who is lovable or he loves me so much
    2. Korean look
    3. Have a work

  15. beth

    After I graduated from college I work for four months and I got married, too young to enter in a relationship and then, my husband was my boyfriend for 3 years and my classmate when I was an elementary.We know each other but we are not close as well, before we enter on that boyfriend and girlfriend relationship I prayed for a man who is Godly person because I know if a man who have faith in God everything will follows just like good attitude,responsible and lovable. And now after two years of our relationship I find it good the sweetness is maintain and Im hoping for the next years too.

    1. Francis Kong

      Happy for you. EVeryone just have to work on their marriage. thanks and God bless you.

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