Start them Young

February 28, 2014

Off to speak to the senior students of DLSU Dasmarinas. I love to share ideas with the young.
Dave Barry says, “You can only be young once but you can always be immature” It would be a privilege to share with the young the right values for life and living.

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  1. Rodwelyn Inigo

    Hi Sir, I’m one of the audience in your talk and I want to thank you for your effort of going to Dasma and sharing your wisdom to us. You gave me an inspiration on how I should do to achieve my goals especially that I am aiming to become a training and dev specialist someday. Just like you I want to become someone that could touch other peoples’ lives and help them transform for the better.
    I hope that the next time that I would meet you , I can introduce myself as a successful person.
    Thank you again!!!

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