Only 6 people

July 11, 2013

My very first “official” public speaking started with only 6 people listening. I was trembling with fear. I “over-studied” and “over-prepared.”
During the 30 minute talk they were quiet and intensely listening. After which they encouraged me and told me they learned so much.
There was a strange feeling that overcame me. From that time on I discovered my calling. I couldn’t wait to study more so I can share what I learn to others.
Lesson: Encouragement from the audience makes a major difference in the life of speakers and presenters.

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  1. Juliet L. Sacay

    I agree with you Sir Francis as I slowly develop my skills in public speaking. Our household group would encourage me to talk on something that could give value to them. Since then, I studied hard on every subject in which I could share to our group of young couple.


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