March 5, 2021

A bit long for today but nice and inspiring. When all of these is over. I wish to be able to tell the story of the crisis inspired by the following: (anon) – BRAVERY during times of fear and uncertainty. – CHARITY AND SERVICE against the instinct of self-preservation and personal survival at the cost of others. – DIGNITY in the midst of pressure. – FAITH in God The Creator who promised that He will never leave or nor forsake us. – COMPASSION for the poor and the needy. – TEAMWORK – with the understanding that this is the time when the ‘ME-NESS” takes a backseat to the “WE-NESS”. – RESOLVE – The stubborn refusal to quit and to give up in these difficult times. – HUMOR – The ability to find that cure of all times which is laughter that would lighten up my mood. – VICTORY – That if we stay strong together during these difficult times, we will emerge STRONGER when all these has passed.

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