I always say “Blessed Christmas” not just “Happy Holidays.” I cannot have a Christmas celebration without Christ in it. Christ is not an “X” in a word. Christ is “The Word.” So have a Blessed Christmas and enjoy the celebrations.

December 22, 2011

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  1. Rusty Sanchez

    In my case, I greet them by Mary CHRIST-mass.

  2. Dan

    You to Mr. Francis have a blessed and wonderful Christmas! 🙂

  3. Sandy

    Ever since, though I tried to hold it back to keep from offending people, I share the same sentiments about the use of “Xmas”,amazing as it may seem. I sure am so elated and so proven correct. May you and your family have a Blessed Christmas and a prosperous year ahead, Mr. Kong!

  4. arlene

    merry christmas sir francis!!! thank you for the inspiring words. wen im always down i always read your blogs and articles and it makes me feel really really good…

  5. Redd

    True, christ must always be mentioned in the season’s greetings. But may i just share that the “X” in Xmas is the letter CHI in the greek alphabet which is the first letter in the greek word for anointed or CHRISTOS. A blessed Christmas to all!

  6. jero t. salem

    in algebra x may be considered unknown but x is a representation of something.unknown does not mean nothing. you have to find out what is that unknown number.in Greek alphabet x represent Kristos.you have to discover x in Algebra but in Greek the x is already found. A blesses Xmas to all!

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    Pilot: Pilot to tower…pilot to tower…I am 300 miles from land and… 600 feet high and running out of gas… please instruct… over.” Tower: Tower to pilot…tower to pilot…repeat after me… Our Father, which art in heaven… Some people pray only during times of crisis. As the year comes to an end. Learn to pray at all times with thanksgiving in our hearts for this is the key to joy and happiness. CHRISTMAS REMINDERS
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    1. Francis Kong

      You must be good in math and I do hope everyone in the country is as good as you and the knowledge you have. Have a Blessed New Year!

  7. Vin

    “Xmas” is not a secular plan to “take the Christ out of Christmas.” “The usual suggestion is that ‘Xmas’ is … an attempt by the ungodly to x-out Jesus and banish religion from the holiday.” However, X stands for the Greek letter Chi, the starting letter of Χριστός, or “Christ” in Greek.[122] The use of the word “Xmas” can be traced to the year 1021 when “monks in Great Britain…used the X while transcribing classical manuscripts into Old English” in place of “Christ” -wiki.

    1. Francis Kong

      Thank you for your comments Vin and I do wish everyone in the world has this consciousness like yours and not use “X” as in some comical super heroes too! Have a Great Day!

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