Giants Begin With Baby Steps

March 4, 2010

There are celebrity sales people who bring in tons and tons of sales and as a result they make tons and tons of money. They are the giants in the industry. And then there are those who would make a sale once in a while and then wonder, what is it with these people who continually rake in the sales and make the money?

Is it luck? But no one gets lucky all the time the way they do. Is it connection? Maybe. But how do I get myself to increase my own network too? There must be something behind it. And so the question pops out in your mind. “How do these people continue to make six or seven figures and here I am struggling month by month just to reach my quota and make ends meet?”

I have been in the human potential development for so long I see things in common among all successful performers whether they be people in sales or in any field of business.

First of all, successful professionals see themselves as who and what they really are. They are professionals and they hold their craft. They have confidence and they know they can achieve greater things.

Secondly, these giants of the industry continue to learn and stretch themselves. They network with people. They serve in their community. They join service clubs, they serve in church and the more they are in touch with people the more they build their network of friends who may just become their clients one day.

I have handled sales people, I have a network of people who are in sales. And it’s extremely rare for me to find person in this chosen field to actually read a lot of books. Rarer still do I find sales people who would invest in attending non-company sponsored seminars. And in many occasion, the same people who do not perform well are the same people who complain that their companies are not providing them support. Amateurs carry this kind of mindset. They have mastered the art of blamestorming.

Not so the giants because they are professionals. Professionals are of a different breed. They’ve got classy upbringing because they bring themselves up. (pun intended) Sales professionals invest in knowledge, they read magazines, they can’t get enough of web portals dedicated to sales and they do invest in attending seminars and conferences. They buy books and they actually read them. And then a wonderful thing happens. They sell more, they earn more and they are more fulfilled. Here’s the common thread woven in the fabric of the professional’s success journey. They work harder on themselves than they do on their jobs. The hungrier you are for knowledge, the wiser you become. Your self-respect increases, your confidence built and opportunities come by your door waiting for you to open.

Your desire to be successful has to be bigger than a 9-5 job. Giants begin with baby steps and you should begin right now. Invest in knowledge; put the seeds in the small steps and continue to water your skills with actual experiences and information you seek. And when the time of harvesting comes, you will have the fruits of your efforts in front of you. Do not waste time. Always find something to do that would add value to what you want to achieve in life. Whatsoever you sow, you shall reap. This is Scripture Truth that continues to operate everyday of our lives.

Never forget. The road to success is marked with many tempting parking places. Say this to yourself all the time: “NO PARKING!”

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  1. wil

    sir this is great, very helpful and uplifting

  2. Galileo V. Villaflor,Jr.

    Hi Francis,

    I agree with you. Thanks for sharing this. God bless you.


  3. Rio Genesela

    You are really amazing!!! I am your big fan!

  4. Jojo Echeverre

    I remember what my Father told me when he still alive. JOJO, waste no time. “TIME IS GOLD.” You can’t get it back again when it was gone. And that’s really true to me. I’m now 40 years old. Still struggling financially. But the best gift that I’ve received from GOD is the courage to start all over again and bring my life to challenge. READING YOUR ARTICLES FRANCIS HELPS ME A LOT. CONTINUE DOING YOUR MISSION. HAVE POWER!

  5. JC

    I’m very privileged to meet you last 9/18 @ Robinson’s Galleria at our anniversary. You are a such great motivator. I’m 23 and I would want to retire early so I can live the rest of my life with my family and loved ones. Thanks for being an eye opener to many peoply. I believe employment really blinds and obstructs us in achieving financial and time freedom. We really need something to work on where our efforts would commensurate the results that we will get. Now my Team and I are on the lookout for people like me us who wanted to live a life of abundance, giving back and with God’s guidance, we are surely on our way. Cheers!

  6. erma

    it was a very good thing attending your free seminar sponsored by filinvest here in Milan… it was an eye opener.. though i heard so many things alike.. seminar here and there…. but how you relay it to us was so different..

    I still remember…THE BEST WAY TO LEARN IS TO HAVE FUN……..

  7. Allan Madrigal

    No parking from now. Thank you Sir.

  8. wilfred vergara

    No Parking .hehe . is a good reminder to people who tend to stop when things don’t go our way. When you are treading this journey called life you might tend find road blocks along the way causing you to stop or give up . That is why it is so important to put these words in our soul. If one wants to reallyil be successful he should go on until he reach his destination .

  9. ces

    Very nice. Hope we can attend one of your seminars soon.

  10. Camilo

    Hope to meet you in person sir. I do admire your works and your ministry to people. Continue to be a blessing Sir.

  11. Jeff

    Thank you Mr. Francis for your inspirational advised. I liked your quote “The hungrier you are for knowledge, the wiser you become”. God Bless you and your family.


    1. Francis Kong

      Thanks so much Jeff. God bless you and your family too.

  12. Flavy Cortez

    Nice thoughts sir francis 🙂 Like the last part, NO PARKING!

  13. maricel

    Hi sir, i would like to know if you also offer services such as consultancy, as i plan to have our company be known. pls. advice.

    1. Francis Kong

      Hi Maricel, thanks for asking. I do consultancy but training and keynote are my priorities for the moment.

  14. Bert Jorbina III

    Sir, this reading is great….. I want to share this with my team in order for them be motivated……

    1. francisk

      by all means. please do.

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