My Apologies

January 25, 2015

This site has been down for a couple of days. My apologies.

Here is a thought for today:
Money can be an adversity or it can be a blessing. It can be your tool or it can be your master. You can either use it as an instrument of power or you can have money overpower you. When it comes to money you are either a sharer or a taker. This is why we use it and never allow it to use us and make us compromise on our values and ethics.

Here are the posts for the past few days:
Here is something funny:
Three little boys were bragging about how tough they were.
“I’m so tough”, said the first boy, “that I can wear out a pair of shoes in a week”.
“Well”, said the second little boy, “I’m so tough, I can wear out a pair of jeans in a day”.
“That’s nothing”, said the third boy. “When my parents take me to see my grandma and grandpa, I can wear them out in just one hour.”
God bless our grandparents! smile emoticon

Payroll is coming. Determine the amount of money you will save from it, determine to set it aside and then live on the rest of the money remaining. This is how you save money. Spend on needs not wants.

My friend Connie Teh shares gave me this material and it is so powerful. Something to do with the heart. Enjoy:
The heart that loves is always healthy.
The heart that serves is always happy.
The heart that cares is always strong.
People with big hearts sympathise and people with small hearts criticise.
But people with God in their hearts give and share their love.
Love this. And this makes me asks myself this question: I wonder what is the size of my own heart?

I have a question for you and it is a question I need to ask myself every single day:
What is it that I have done yesterday that is worth mentioning and what is it will I do today that will be worth mentioning tomorrow?
There is no such thing as an uninteresting day.

When we work hard for something we do not care about it bring us stress. But when we work hard for something we love this creates and builds passion. I guess it is a choice after all.

Met my high school friends a few days ago and reminded me of this story:
A very positive person says: “I’m not old. I woke up. I lifted my knee, I turned my neck…everything made the same noise: CrrraaaccK!
My conclusion therefore is this: I am not old. I am crispy! smile emoticon (thank you Connie for this story)
Never be afraid of growing old. Alway seek to be positive, inquisitive, encouraging and relevant. This is what makes life exciting.

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