Almost as Good as Your Dog

October 17, 2009

our dog chinaIf you can start the day without caffeine, if you can get along without pep pills, if you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains, if you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it, if you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time, if you can overlook it when those you love take it out on you when, though no fault of yours, something goes wrong,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment, if you can ignore a friend’s limited education and never correct him/her, if you can resist treating a rich friend better than a poor friend,

If you can face the world without lies and deceit, if you can conquer tension without medical help, if you can relax without liquor, if you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

If you can honestly say that deep in your heart you have no prejudice against creed, color, religion or politics,

Then, my friend, you are ALMOST as good as your dog.

Human beings complain all the time. They can’t exist without coffee.

They eat restaurant food and spend a fortune for it yet they complain that the food is not really good enough. They live in expensive subdivisions as well as simple apartment buildings yet they barely know their next-door neighbor.

Blessed with intellect and possess a sharp thinking process yet when it comes to doing deals and transacting business, lying, scheming and deception are part and parcel of the entire process.

Fact is some times human beings do terrible things to each other that even animals do not do. And this is why we need to understand that living life successfully is not just an issue of intelligence or education, it has everything to do with understanding that human nature is inherently sinful.

I visited Amsterdam very recently. Got invited to speak to a Filipino community there. One of the lovely couples I met, Dong and Eden lost 2 of their dogs when they went out on a picnic.

They went out of their way, had the pictures of the dogs printed on the local newspaper and started visiting the houses located near the picnic grounds and distributed flyers containing the picture of the 2 missing dogs.

It was some 2 to 3 weeks later when a kind person called up their homes and reported the sighting of 2 dogs similar to the picture on the flyers they have given. And much to their great joy the dogs returned home.

In a country that doesn’t understand the value of pets we probably would have dismissed the entire incident as uncontrollable, go to the pet store and buy another one but for the first time in my life, I began to understand that the pets were valuable because they gave companionship to lonely people in the house.

Some times when you think of it deeply, dogs can provide good companionship to people while people bite each other.

This should not be.

No one can live alone. God did not design us to be Lone Rangers. We need each other and there is no sense fighting each other and trying to prove who’s bigger and better.

Learn the lesson from the dog.

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend but I’ve got a better proposition. Why not look for another person to be your best friend?

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  1. Jboy

    True! Thanks po Sir Francis =)

  2. Joel Tan

    Amazing! Wonderful insight to look into our own attitude
    towards relationship and companionship. bravo sir francis

  3. Alexcee Maala

    this article was a nice one!!! 🙂

  4. domino

    Great article

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