Oh What A Day!

August 14, 2010

I am always humbled every time I see a thousand and more people attend my public seminars. I am likewise humbled to have my speaker friends who trust me enough to join me in my quest to inspire people towards excellence.

August 13 turned out to be a very bright and sunny day for us. I prayed for good weather. As early as 8AM people lined up the registration table and entered the halls of the SMX Convention Center.

We started the conference 15 minutes after 9. The speakers were awesome. Jowee and Mon of Team Manila wowed the audience with their presentation of designs and challenged the young people to pursue arts and cause social change in this country. Alex Lacson talked about loving and serving the country. Humble and gentlemanly as usual Lacson inspired the audience with his passion for changing the negative mindset of Filipinos on themselves and challenged the audience to become more positive and responsive to the call for progress in the country. Famous TV personality Dyan Castillejo is a natural. She got the entire audience laughing and moving and she led the one thousand plus people to a short workout. And Dr. Josette Biyo, the Iloilo educator with a planet named after her – made the audience laugh, made them cry but on its entirety made the audience inspired and proud of what Filipinos can achieve worldwide.

The entire activity went overtime but I did not have the heart to stop them while they were on the roll and the audience was savoring it in.

I left a huge chunk of my material unsaid and untaught. Perhaps these are meant for the next event.

But not wanting to shortchange my clients, I will present certain portions of the seminar that were not presented such as these. And if you want to take down notes this would be a good time.


CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE – You know that you know.

CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE – You know that you do not know.

UNCONSICOUS INCOMPETENCE – You don’t know that you don’t know.

UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE – You don’t need to know you know because you already know it.

But there is the most dangerous one:

UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE PLUS – You don’t know that you don’t know but everybody knows you don’t know – DUH!


1. AN ACTIVITISTS – Prefers to learn by doing.

The person most likely to set up the computer out of the box and begin playing with it.

2. A REFLECTOR – Someone who likes to think about and learn from experience.

Before turning on the new PC, she thinks about how she used computers before.

3. A THEORIST – Someone who prefers to understand the theory of how something works by reading and researching. So he pores over the companion instruction manual first.

4. A PRAGMATIST – Someone who wants to know what something can do for you – it’s practical application. And so he or she will review the table of contents and go to the sections that apply most directly to what she wants to use the computer for.


  1. Visual People – Some people learn best by visuals. They have to see how it is done.
  2. Auditory People – Some people learn best by hearing and listening to instructions.
  3. Kinesthetic People – Some people learn best by touching, handling.

The most effective learning involves a combination of all three.


Not only do learners have preferred learning styles but teachers and trainers also have their own preferred teaching styles. And their styles tend to use the same style they have for learning.



If I talk to my children only once a year about being good, I won’t get a good response. But constant communication and feedback ensure that my children can and probably will do better.

This is why the Bible says we are to constantly teach God’s Word to our children. It doesn’t stop.

That’s enough for today. Tired yet fulfilled. Body sore but happy.

This is always the feeling of someone who knows a day has been well spent.

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  1. Rhodalyn Tanada

    Dear Mr. Francis Kong:

    It’s my first time to attend to hear you talk and finally meet you in person last Friday at the SMX and your really did a great job! I’m a trainor by profession and I really learn so much that I need to record your talk from my phone 🙂 because I wasn’t able to write too fast. I love the book Life’s Work. It’s like a daily bread at work. God bless and all the best to your team and family!

  2. Ryan Mendoza

    What a day it was! It was my first time to attend your seminar and it was really a memorable one. When my wife and I got home that night, I showed her the videos that you showed us. I was happy that I got to share it to her. I also shared to her some of the things I picked up on Dyan Castillejo & Dr. Biyo’s talk (I didn’t get to attend the morning session).

    God bless you, your family and your team!

    By the way…hopefully I’ll get to go sky diving soon too! 🙂

  3. Joe O. Arias

    Good day Francis , I’m from Cebu City, Phillipines and is an avid listener on your “business matters” on one of the radio programs here in Cebu, I also read your columns in the papers and your website, I’m really inspired on your messages and seminars, I just recently read about your seminar at the SMX Convention Center, I can’t help but wonder and yearn how it would feel on the actual seminar. Do you have any schedules for talks and seminars in Cebu? I would love to attend and even invite friends with me. Thank you and Godbless

  4. Arnel

    It makes me sad that I wasn’t able to join this seminar. I really wanted to attend but it fell on the same day as our execom meeting in the office. I envy those who were able to go. Hopefully I get to attend the next one. I just want to share that my company continues to experience a rise in our production. I always give credit where credit is due so I want to say thank you Sir for being a continuous inspiration. The drive to be the best person I can be stems from the things I learn from you and from other inspirational speakers as well. I hope more people would read books and attend seminars to realize that there is so much potential in ourselves. It saddens me that there are some people close to me who are pessimistic and think that they aren’t good enough. I try my best to inspire them and I share my experiences with them but it still isn’t enough. However, I will never stop trying.

    For those who believe they aren’t good enough to be successful and think that they need to go abroad just to be successful, I hope you realize that there is so much opportunity here in country. You only need to know what you’re good at and find your niche. Remember, when you have a job that you love, you’ll never work your entire life because you just have fun while you’re doing it. Financial stability will just follow. Happiness is a choice so choose to be happy.

  5. Reginald Arimado

    I’m excited on your seminar next saturday… I will definitely invest for a seminar that would inspire me to reach for success.

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