12 Ways to Fight Depression Part 1

September 15, 2008

Hey Francis, we would like to have you come over and speak to us.

This is the usual line I get from people and clients who would invite me for keynote speeches or even whole day trainings. And guess what the most requested topic these days would be?

Hard Times. Difficult Times.

Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we are headed for hard times or maybe for a lot of us are in it already.

I just got a call from an old time friend who used to be in the garments industry. The old familiar words were said once more: “Francis, I closed down my factory because we just were not making money anymore.”

And this causes depression to a lot of people I know.

Depression is a killer and if you don’t have a personal toolbox that contains depression busters then you may just add one more problem to the many you already have.

Here are some anti-depression tools you may find useful.

A toolbox of ways to overcome everyday emotional struggles and find peace.

Remember this: If you do not want to hit bottom-stop digging the hole.

Let’s look at some of the ways to beat depression.


There are things you can do and there are things you can’t do. Success has a way of making people think they’re invincible. And then comes the fuel price increase, the food shortage, global warming. If you can fix this then go ahead and do so if not then realize there are things you have to accept and feeling depressed and miserable over what you cannot control is not going to make your situation better. Ever tried prayer?


When you are feeling down make sure you find the right people you want to be with. Even the Bible says “Bad company ruins good morals.” There are doomsday prophets and naysayers out there whose job it is to make people share their own misery. These are the same people who brighten up the room by leaving it. Positive people offer encouragement and positive people are usually tough people who have outlasted tough times. Learn a thing or two from them. I am so fortunate I belong to a group of very dynamic business people who are not only successful and positive but they take time and seriously pray for one another especially those who are going through tough times.


Take out your running shoes or get into your basketball gear and channel your energy into worthwhile exercise. Every time I hit the treadmill I realize that I spend energy on being healthy and it gets my mind developing more creative ideas. Some may help me work on my existing situation while other ideas I store for future use. When you exercise your mind produces endorphins which is our body’s natural opiate that enables us to face pain and unpleasant circumstances. When your body is weak your problems become larger than life so make sure you make yourself healthy and you keep yourself healthy all the time.


My books are some of my best friends and they keep me good company. Not only that. Podcasts and audio books keep me learning too. I don’t want to be passive when I see myself in the middle of a difficult situation but since I know I am no superman and is in no position to alter the situation, while waiting for new developments to happen I keep my mind occupied with reading and listening so I can learn and get more new ideas. And then the time is right, apply them and make use of good time.

Hey…I don’t care what the religious fanatics say but depression hits even the best of us. It is not something to be ashamed of. Even the great men of the Bible went through it.

The key here is to understand you do not have to stay depressed.

12 Ways to Fight Depression Part 2

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  1. willie m. gozun

    hey francis how can we get you to give live inspirational guidelines to my son and his batchmates who will be graduating this march.

  2. wind_phoenix9

    Sir you are our role model. I will try to make my speech like your symposium in BSU. For the 1st time I did not become sleepy.

  3. fred ibañez jr.


  4. fred ibañez jr.

    may your tribe increase………….fred of bacolod city

  5. Debbie

    hi, might i ask what books interest you the most? also, what are these books that help inspire you and helps feed your mind? thanks.

  6. Joseph Borja

    Sir you’re an inspiration, hope you continue to share and inspire us in our daily living. Thank you very much.

    God Bless

  7. Marjorie Jane Cacho

    hi sir francis, i’ve been watchin you at Umagang Kay every Thursday, and it really made my day a full learning which basically I share them with my work mates. Thank you. I hope I can get the full issue of EQ, IQ, AQ and the 12 ways to fight depression.
    God bless

  8. anna marie

    hello sir. i’ve seen u so many times on umagang kay ganda show and i’m just being passive cause i’m so busy in the morning. but then i saw ur website flashed on tv this morning while u were talking, so i took time to read ur articles. and wow, it’s amazing! u truly inspire a lot of people like me. keep it up. maybe ur a born christian if i’m not mistaken. God bless u!

    ann of tandag city

  9. Rona

    i’ve seen u in one of the seminars i attended here in our province…

    i wud say that ur one of the best speakers i have ever seen and heard

    ur simply amazing! ur a very positive man and i simply love to see u do the talks and giving inspiring messages…

    continue be God’s instrument of His blessings to us…God bless u 🙂

  10. Theresa M. Roque

    Hello, sir! I really stay in front of the television every Thursday watching Umagang Kay Ganda. You are a genius. I learn so many things from you. Your words of inspirations are really great! I apply to work what you say. I saw your website flashed on the screen that’s why I took time out to open it. I have read your articles and they’re remarkable. God bless you and may you continue to share more inspring messages.
    Theresa M. Roque of Mega Computer College, Angeles City

  11. Ha ha ha… This is honest to goodness way of fighting depression. Very practical and succinct.

    Have a wonderful day ahead.

  12. Davey Jones

    I have not seen a better speaker than you sir francis . . .

    You have given that wonderful speech a month ago in our university and

    would you believe I am in the deep hole that time . . .

    The good news is I still remember them . . .

    And the bad news is I am still at the bottom of ‘The Pit’ . . . 🙁

  13. teresa

    hi sir francis..!how are you??you are really a great speaker…im happy that i attended the Private school Teachers Convention held here in pampanga..it made me love my profession more and realize that i can be a catalyst of change to my students the way your past teacher affected your life….Godbless!and more power to you and your family…i would love to listen to any seminar if you are the resource speaker..

  14. evelyn j.cureg

    My husband bought all your books and our kids have read also and my family learned a lot from reading all ur inspirational books and we believe we became better persons. I thank u so much coz u inspired us esp. my husband. May the Lord continue to give u Godly wisdom to share with people. God richly bless u and ur family. My desire is to meet u in person, I hope I will be able to attend one of ur seminars someday.

  15. flor

    sir, where to find your interesting books? i really wanted to buy one so that i could share it to my children,, the good values and inspiring words. thank you

  16. dean mershon

    im on the edge of a real mental break down will some one please help me

  17. maricar manzano

    hi francis.
    am suferring from depression for a year now,and ur 12 ways to fight depression is 1 of the best tool that i’ve read…pls continue too write or share wat you’ve think are the best tools to combat stress…your’s are inspiring…..
    god bless…
    do you accept one on one seminar?

  18. Ramir Dimaunahan

    Hello Francis!

    May i add something on the subject of Depression.

    During those times when we are down and confused, it is important for us NOT to
    despair, for it could lead to discouragement and to depression. When we become discouraged, we give up trying. You are indeed correct in saying that we should NOT stay depressed. We must remember that these times come and go. God is in control. He will not give us a suffering that we cannot bear. It is God’s promise to you and me!

    More power to your column!

  19. Mrs. Villas

    Hi sir francis, u are indeed a great motivational speaker, im in the middle of a depressing situation right now, im planning to escape to my problems (hoping tonight after work) by going to the mall and indulge myself by eating alone, watch a movie by myself till midnight, but that would surely take an effect on our budget (i don’t care im depressed). But after reading your article I just decided to hit the gym after work, anyway i have a life time membership in my local gym that i haven’t used. it also doubles the purpose, to get out of my depression and to be fit! tipid pa! no gastos at all. Thanks Mr. kong! Btw, i googled po kanina how to treat a depression, well some did ok, physically, but your advice changes my whole mood. not so gloomy anymore.

  20. marilou

    I admire you francis kong and I LOve GOD for giving you that gift to share to us..hurraaaay

  21. Kimeni

    Very inspiring. Picking up new lessons in life. thanks a lot.

    God bless you more Mr. Francis

  22. Anica

    Sir Francis,

    You’re really such a blessing to many! I want to thank God for your life.
    You’ve been touching people’s lives and so I believe that God is so pleased for that.
    I read your book “The early bird catches the worm…” when I was in university and still I can remember the things I’ve learned from there. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. Full of wisdom and humor.
    Continue to serve God!

    God bless!

  23. shalimar b. gatdula

    I believe that God is in full control. I let Him maneuver my life. I’m into depression right now. I don’t what happened to me. I believe that all things are possible through Christ. I’m praying that everything falls into its proper places. And God help me to freed from all debts I have. More power to you. May God keeps showering you lots of blessings for you touch many lives.

    1. Francis Kong

      Thank you Shalimar and you are right indeed. God is always in full control.

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