Joe Explains what Black Friday Is

January 2, 2009

Joe sends his comments about Black Friday and this is a good learning experience for me:

Joe says: “Actually the term “Black Friday” is the start of the gift buying madness here and its not the day after Christmas but the Day after Thanks Giving, And since Thanks Giving is the last Thursday of November and its a 4 day weekend and that’s why they called it Black Friday when 75% of the people here got nothing to do but shop, And since Christmas this year is on a Thursday that’s why they had “Black Friday II because of the BAD economy retailer need to dispose of their left over merchandises.”

Thanks for the information and I stand corrected. The family did our last minute this afternoon and the malls were quite busy though they closed early understandably. Only a few stores featured an additional 30% off on top of already marked down items but this special offer will only cover January 1-4 and that’s all there is. With the limited budget  and a limited allowance the kids had, (having an Ilocana for a mother at that…) they were not able to buy a lot of stuff. And the big… big bargain event expected on January 1 did not happen… at least not in this part of California. I had a great time. Bought a lot of books, spent hours in the bookstores and can’t wait to share the information and the learning to our people back home.  Yes… home.

J. H. Payne says: “Be  it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. ” It’s a funny feeling after all. Having the family with me here in California, enjoying their company, I would not trade this for anything in the world but somehow until we get home… the lack is still there.  George Moore says it correctly: “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” And I can’t wait to be back home.

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  1. Sherill

    Sir Francis! It’s great to find this site. Ung palagi ko po kasing pinupuntahan ay ung 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me through ur web articles and ur column at the Philippine Star. More power to you this 2009 🙂 God bless you and your family 🙂

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