January 16, 2022

A Good Reminder

A friend sent me this wonderful reminder: Big future – Usually started as little dreams. Big steps – Usually started as small ones. Big decisions – Usually started as complicated ones. Big laughs – Usually started as small jokes Big love – Usually started as a small trust. But big blessings – Permanently started as […]


January 15, 2022

Wise Words

There is great wisdom in the words of William Arthur Ward. He says: “Blessed is he who has learned to admire but not envy. To follow but not imitate. To praise but not flatter. And to lead but not to manipulate.” #PassionPurposeProductivity


January 14, 2022

Keep It Quiet

Just keep quiet and strive for excellence. Keep the wins without having to broadcast them. You do not have to post your every achievement. Keep your success private. What people do not know they cannot ruin. #PassionPurposeProductivity


January 13, 2022

A Life Choices for Success

I hope you will find this 26-day course on Life Choices inspiring and helpful. Enjoy!…


January 13, 2022

You Are Qualified

I love this quote from an anonymous source: The World Doesn’t Need More Mountains To Climb, More Seas To Cross, More Stars To Shine. What The World Needs Is ‘More Of Us.’ Special People Whose Goodness Makes A Difference In The Lives Of Others. Let me add: And we are all qualified to do this. […]


January 12, 2022

A Deeper Undertanding

A doctor and a book author said after experiencing a heart attack, “I know about pain but I never really knew pain until I was in the pain itself.” We do not really get to know something deep enough until it happens to us. All the theories and the materials we read and heard are […]


January 11, 2022

Not Image

The world convinces us that we have an image to project. It also teaches us that we have an image to protect. And this always frustrates and disappoints. What we need today, especially during these difficult times are honesty and authenticity. While men and women look at the externals, God sees the heart. #PassionPurposeProductivity


January 10, 2022

Glad To Be Home

WFH is here to stay. With the spike in cases and the understanding that safety comes first, work from home will be with us for a long while. These are times of uncertainty. Do not complain. Do not fret. Interrupt anxiety and frustration with thanksgiving. This is why I do not just look at the […]


January 9, 2022

At Home

Max Lucado says: “Odds are that you know what it means to be at home somewhere. To be at home is to feel safe. The residence is a place of refuge and security. To be at home is to be comfortable. You can pad around wearing slippers and a robe. To be at home is […]

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