September 29, 2020

Accepted by Majority

A lie does not become truth. Wrong does not become right. Evil does not become good just because it is accepted by a majority. (anon) Be wise. Be discerning. Do your homework. Seek out the truth. Do not just believe because everybody seems to have accepted it. #PassionPurposeProductivity


September 28, 2020

Many Good People

There are many good people. They are kind, generous and will go out of their way to do good and show kindness. But here comes the problem, it is not that many people do not admire good people, they try to use them. This is not a good thing. Never abuse the kindness and the […]


September 26, 2020

by Faith Not By Sight

My good friend Nelson from Pangasinan gave me this quote I would like to share with you: Be grateful for difficult times, It’s during those times of trouble that you grow. Be thankful for limitations, they are opportunities to improve. Be thankful for trials, they teach us the lessons that turn into blessings. Everything has […]


September 24, 2020

Social Dilemma

Netflix has a drama-documentary β€œThe Social Dilemma.” Good to understand the effects of technology and how it influences the way we think and manipulate the way we behave. Somewhere in there, somebody says: “Social media apps are designed using the same psychology as casino slot machines. They entice you with menial rewards to keep you […]


September 22, 2020

Set You Free

Being accountable. Admitting your fault and rectifying the mistake. Asking for help. Facing the challenges of change and learning new things. Asking for forgiveness. Offering an apology to the boss and colleagues, etc. Sometimes the thing that you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that would set you free. #PassionPurposeProductivity


September 21, 2020

Be Realistically Happy

Somebody says: “Be happy. It makes good people wonder why you are and what you have. It also drives your enemies crazy.”:) Choose to be positive than to stay cynical and miserable all the time. Be realistic. Realistic positivity is not pretending that everything is good. It is seeing the good in everything. This way […]


September 20, 2020

Incremental Improvements

During this pandemic, if you are experimenting and pivoting, trying out new things then it is a good thing. Do not be dismayed if things do not work well. You keep on learning and improving. Do not wallow in misery but you keep the motion going and build up momentum. Go for incremental improvements. Drop […]


September 20, 2020

Can Buy Happiness :)

I laughed when I saw a sign in Dubai that says: “”You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing.” And now that I have tasted this one, I begin to understand what the saying means. πŸ™‚ Can’t decide which one is best as all of […]


September 19, 2020

On Loan To Us

I have grown up kids and they are doing well and having their own families. I also have a grandson who will be one year old next month. What I have learned is this. Children are a gift from the Lord. They are blessings on loan from their Maker. We love them and cherish them, […]

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