Wishbone vs. Backbone

June 4, 2013

Many are those who wish to succeed yet they do not want to take the initiative to make things happen.
The wishbone will never take the place of the backbone.
Nothing is as tiresome as doing nothing and hoping things will turn out well.

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  1. edem aquino

    Dear Mr. Francis:

    Your knowledge and life experiences are truly inspirational. Just reading your blog post every morning transform my day to an amazing one. I would just like to ask if you have seen “Jiro – I Dreamed of Sushi”, it’s a documentary film by David Gelb. Jiro is a renowned and the world’s greatest sushi chef and Japan declared him as a National Treasure. I admire Jiro of his philosophy in life and the way he love his work. He treats everyday a challenge and never stops improving on how he can do better. I wish I can get the chance to see him one day. You both share the same zeal and kindness to inspire people. If in case you haven’t seen the film and would like to know him a little better , I have shared this link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heWRagwzVPo

    Thank you Mr. Francis for gently reminding us of our true purpose in life. More power to you and to God be the glory!

    1. Francis Kong

      Thanks so much for Jiro. This will really help me in the presentation of my lessons and seminars. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement and would like to thank you for leading me to this beautiful video clip. Have a Great Day!

      1. edem aquino

        Dear Mr. Francis,

        I wish I can share you the whole video clip, but the file is too big to upload (it’s about 3.8 gb and the film is 1hr and 25mins). I promise you it’ll be worth your time once you can get hold of the documentary.

        God Bless you sir and your family.

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