What do you do?

October 1, 2008

What do you do when some unscrupulous people malign you?

How do you handle people who send anonymous text messages against you?

How do you deal with people who send mysterious and anonymous mail materials containing false charges against you?

Suppose you happen to know who these cowardly people are?

What do you do?

Write me your comments below and let us learn from one another.

Submitted by Ellen M. via e-mail:

What do you do when some unscrupulous people malign you?

I just remember what they did to Jesus during His time. If they did it to my Master, why can’t they do it to me?

How do you handle people who send anonymous text messages against you?

Honestly I do not know how to handle them, I might cry a bit but then I would simply hand them over to Jesus.  If what they say of me is true then I must think on how to change my negative traits. But if not then the Lord will vindicate me, I know that.

How do you deal with people who send mysterious and anonymous mail materials containing false charges against you?

Suppose you happen to know who these cowardly people are? What do you do?

They may think that I am a loser, but I should learn from my Master to forgive as I was forgiven. Maybe they just don’t know what they do.

Just like I was before, I do things which I do not know is evil and could hurt the very heart of God. For it is written, whatsoever we do to the least of His brothers is what we do unto Him

Thank you for giving me a chance to share my thoughts.

God bless you so much. You are a blessing to someone like me. I am really inspired by your articles. I am sharing them with my co employees as well.

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  1. Vera Monroy

    I’ll just ignore those false charges and laugh it off. Because, the more you react on it, the more you give them the motivation to continue with their intentions. Besides, these people who do such thing are just having some sort of insecurities against you.

    If ever I know them, I’ll just maintain my silence and my normal relationship with them. Let karma do everything. Vengeance isn’t mine.Ü

    Vera Monroy

  2. Lito P. Amador

    i’m really inspired by your articles, you’re such a great lecturer i hope you could do some lecturing in our office, the Philippine Ports Authority, i know that its gonna be fruitful and we’re surely learn a lot from you

  3. mcnearbabe

    hi, sir Francis!

    another case of a fruitbearing tree being stoned to death, eh?

    i know, it’s not a laughing matter… we are just feeble human beings, no matter how we try to slip the dirt under the rug, it still manages to sting our eyes. that’s life di ba? and we are just human beings.

    what to do?

    just like a fruitbearing tree being stoned to death, you stand there tall and proud, yet quiet and prayerful, praising God for keeping you fruitful. your fruits may fall but it is not for your keeping, it is for the earth and the animals around you. (it can also be for your enemies.) because that’s what you were made by God, to bear fruit and to give life to others.

    if you happen to know who these people are, then, good for you! keep your friends close, but your enemies closer… you then disprove their theory of you. if your heart says otherwise, then shut them out of your life. after all you cannot live with toxic people. choice is always yours.

    Mr. Francis, i am not an expert on dealing with these kinds of people. but bottomline, it’s what’s inside that fruitbearing tree that matters, YOUR HEART. just keep on bearing fruits not only for yourself but for other people as well because that’s how you were made.

    as for the stone-throwers: one day they will get tired and will stop to eat your fruits, promise.

    godspeed and thanks for inspiring us to excellence and success!


  4. Francis Kong

    Thank you for all the very inspiring and encouraging words. Such great insights!
    Had a great time doing 2 whole day traiing with a group of extremely charming and intelligent telco people. Got home and crashed!
    Work is not easy but it’s the kind words from you that fuels my passion to carry on and do more with God’s Grace of course.

  5. Denise

    peOple seemed to be like that, sometimes we feel down, and our faces looks like to be so messy because of others had made onto us, but we must always consider our self to be humble one’s, we still remind ourselves that even though there is so many birthmark annoouncements we received from other people, it was just a way of how God would want us to be and learn in such things that would mold us in the near future..


  6. Ruth

    I met you yesterday at the Educator’s Congress in Tarlac. Your message was inspiring.

    As I told you then, my father is a pastor, well actually a pastor of pastors. He directs a large mission agency of which hundreds of pastors work with and under him.

    Pastors are maligned quite often. They are ridiculed, criticized, and defamed. So I grew up facing problems for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, because sometimes I didn’t eat my breakfast.

    Now that I am older, I feel a sense of obligation to protect them. Whenever possible, we now demand for an apology, especially when we can readily file a criminal or civil case because of the incident. The apology has to be made public. That always gives a relief to our family.

    At other times, we bring the case before the highest court, God’s. When I was younger, I was always frightened of the verse that states, “Ye shall reap what ye sow.” Now, this verse is quite comforting. When a man like my father invests his life to enlarge the lives of others, would you not call that kindness? And when kindness is rewarded with evil, would there not be a recompense? So, I’ve seen the hand of God act on our behalf enough to continue serving the Lord with joy in my heart and leave the hateful people in His hands.

    I’d rather be maligned than be the person who waits to reap the fruit of an evil deed.

  7. Adrian

    If someone maligns me publicly, I answer them…then I pray. Nothing beats direct action. Their acts not only harm you but also harm your family and sometimes even your relationships. I trust in God but I know I have to do something. Before you can forgive someone, you have to declare him guilty first. You have to make him understand where he got it wrong. One of the best advice I recieved is: The best way to defeat the works of the devil is to expose it–to bring it into the light.

  8. Dominik

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