Timing is Important

September 11, 2013

The cause of wrong decisions: “…but I want it and I want it now…!” Learn patience. In personal excellence, we can talk about a lot of things but the one thing that should never be forgotten is TIMING!
Mature people know the power of timing. Immature people do not know how to wait. You cannot live life’s marathon as if it were a 100 meter dash. It cannot be done. There is a time for everything. Have you ever done a good thing but under a wrong time and what happened? Please share.

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  1. Rommel Borja

    Good morning, Francis.

    Have I done a good thing but under a wrong time?

    Yes I did, and it costed me my work. Being the Manager of one of our Service Center then, I help my men prepare for their daily schedules in meeting our service commitments to our clients. I do the back end work for them as in getting the spare parts and/or replacement units from our suppliers a day before in time for their schedules the next day…What happens next? My boss, then, took this in the wrong way. She told me I’m supposed to be staying in the office running the operations..
    But, I can run the operations while mobile because I have dependable people behind:
    an engineer whom I was training to be a supervisor, and an admin assistant who was really reliable….and later on during one of our meetings, the boss would point out to every Manager that we need to make use of our time in doing ‘odd jobs’ for our team.. What the heck ! Oh well, this is a really long story and I hope I got the message across.

    Many thanks.

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