The Real Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011

Do you know the first Mother’s Day was started by a daughter of a pastor?

It was first initiated on the year 1914 as a tribute to mothers.

Today it simply means go to the mall, pick up a scarf, a bag or a nice sweater and give it to mom because she expects it when it’s Mother’s Day.

Elections Day falls on the same month as we celebrate Mother’s Day.

But do you know that the country’s problems cannot be fixed by an election? It will accomplish nothing because our country is so polarized.

Our country will be fixed only when we have godly mothers who know the way of truth and love.

Abraham Lincoln says: “No one is poor who has a goldly mother.”

When it comes from the lips of someone who came from abject poverty, then he is worth listening to. He became a king, president of America. Studied by nations when it comes to statesmanship and character.

Poverty therefore is not the problem. The Philippines is a very rich country but we have the poverty of heart. Not too many country can boasts of a Boracay, El Nido, Mindanao

Taiwan, Singapore and Japan, Hong Kong cannot compare with us.

But we are poor because we lack godly mothers.

Let me tell you why.

Government official says: 90% of Filipinos in Japan ends up as prostitutes.

There is a human cry of the comfort women in World War 2 but today we have the modern day comfort women that are in Japan. Nobody’s complaining and there is a tragic blindness while people are making money and exploiting them.

Employment Agents train the young girls for 6 months (who are called performing artists by the way). They teach them native dances but how could they dance them in Japan? They learn from one dance to another until they discover the real dances in Japan as they dance in the arms of Japanese customers who pay them for their bodies.

How can we forget that these young girls are our daughters!

How can mothers allow their children to do this?

The recruitment agent’s answer is a blind one – “They’re giving them a chance for another country.” But what they charge is so high it is close to impossible for the girls to make a living. The girls therefore make their money after working hours.

This is the pain of our country. Ask the mothers and they will say that they are simply sending their daughters to perform in the arts.

Government officials explain away their crimes therefore: It is our own people who are hiding the crimes. We are the ones raping our own people.

The moment our mothers become blind, then there is no longer any hope for our own country.

Robert E. Lee was a great general and a great Christian. A mother brought her son for the general to pray for him. “The general told the mother just one thing: “Teach your son to deny himself.”

Famous industrialist Henry Ford says: “I owe everything to my mother.”

How many Filipino mothers teach their children the correct way to become good people and leaders in this country?

How many mothers teach their children to deny themselves and serve others. To avoid the deceptive appetites of the human flesh and to pursue the things of God? To read and understand the Word of God than to be absorbed with senseless and useless tele-nobelas?

We have a desperate need for godly mothers in our country.

Parents need to know that they do not own their children.

Eventually we shall be judged for the way we manage them.

Father looks tough and makes every one feel secure. Mothers look pretty but they are strong inside.

But how I wish it will be the strength of God working through them.

So the next time you remember Mother’s Day, you would know how far away we are from the real meaning of it.



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  1. mylene

    thank you! 🙂 its a very enlightening message. I personally saw how valuable our mother is. They deserve to be honored and prayed for. We love you our great mothers! 🙂

  2. Glenn Mortel

    This is good! Frank, sincere, compassionate.

  3. Mich Villenas

    Being a single is a tough thing. I keep on hearing message that we, single ladies, have to use this season to prepare for the next one. But personally, the concerns of life makes me forget this thing. I prayed before,uhm, telling to GOD that i want to become the best mother that my future children could ever have. And this blog reminds me that the way in being “the best” is to become more and more like Christ. Thanks for this blog. Also, I was reminded to continuously pray hard for myself and for my female friends as well.

  4. Jun Lopez

    Thanks for the meaningful and very thrue message.

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