The Real Character

March 29, 2016

We get so upset with people who have changed in the area of trustworthiness and virtues. We don’t need to. Sometimes we just have to realise that it was not because they have changed, it is simply because their masks have been peeled off and the real character is now revealed.

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  1. Ma. Theresa Tenchavez

    What you’ve written is something I realized this past year. A lot of people do wear masks – as to why, only they can tell. This is why I’ve become wary especially when it comes to sharing my thoughts and plans. Nothing beats genuine friends – even if there are but a few of them.

  2. Franco Magdato

    Good afternoon Mr. Francis Kong.,how are you? I hope you’re doing great. My name is Franco Magdato, I first heard about you from my wife. She’s a teacher from Brightwoods School in Angles City Pampanga. My wife attended your seminar a couple of months back,it was her first time to see you and hear you talk. She was really impressed and she started liking your post on Facebook. I saw some of your pictures,quotes and blogs,now, I’m 33 and just starting my career in an on line teaching company here in Clark. I’m the training supervisor here but my work extends more than just training the teachers. Sometimes I will do interviews for applicants,quality control and organizing events. You can also add doing presentations and doing report. I love what I’m doing and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else aside from having my own business. I read articles,blogs,and short stories on line to give some inspiration and motivation. Anyway to make things short they say if you want to be successful at anything you need a teacher or a mentor who is also successful and be that person and I’m looking at you Sir.

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