The IKTA Syndrome

November 7, 2010

Speakers like me struggle with listening to other speakers all the time.

  • “Oops…he did not pronounce it right….”
  • “Oh no…there is a misspelled word in his PowerPoint.”
  • “That’s an old joke…”
  • “I’ve heard that one already…”

This is not good. This means I will never be able to learn anything.

Sometimes when I listen to speakers speaking, mind would say: “He got this from Charles Swindoll’s book entitled “Grace Awakening” third chapeter left hand page bottom corner…”

The mind processes thoughts five to ten times faster than the human ear can ear and my mind is just so noisy.

This is what I call the IKTA syndrome.

IKTA  is an acronym that means: “I Know That Already.”

Then this thing operates, it closes my mind from learning anything new.

This is not a good thing.

IKTA should be countered by another acronym BAIDI (BUT AM I DOING IT?)”

Sure. I have heard it before but have I been applying what I have heard and the next question is: “Am I already good at it?”

To learn things has to first start with having a beginner’s mind.

The word is “SHOSIN.”

This time this is not an acronym. This is a Japanese word, which means “beginners mind.” Author Shunryu Suzuki explains it this way: “This does not mean a closed mind, but actually an empty mind and a ready mind. If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything. It is open to everything. In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities; in the expert’s mind there are few.” Think like a beginner, not an expert, when reading this book. Suspend what you know and empty—don’t open—your mind to the ideas in each chapter. Think about how you’ll implement these strategies. Ideas are easy. Execution is hard.

I agree but I need to qualify. I never want my mind to be running on empty. All these things about meditation and emptying of the mind are not my cup of tea. I have always believed in the seriousness of critical thinking.

Having the ability to think is not the same as having an open mind all the time. If your mind is too open your brains may fall out.

What I mean is not to let pride seep into the mind and convince me that I am so good or in fact better than the speaker such that what he or she says is far inferior to what I know.

I need to remind myself that when I was in High School, I graduated in the part of the class that made the top half possible.

I need to be a life long learner. And even if the speaker is saying something I have heard before, it should be treated as a reminder for me to put it into practice.

My audiences are kind. Many of them have heard me many times. They may have heard the same thing, the same funny stories, the same jokes and they would tell me, “Francis I have heard you at least 4 times and even though I have heard the same funny lines…I still laugh every time you say it.”

Now that’s their polite way of saying, “Francis why don’t you update and upgrade your stuff?”

This is why I attend seminars, I go back to school, I read books and I listen to Audio CD’s in order to learn and to equip myself with new stuff. And I need to be humble enough to understand that the day I stop learning from a 6 year old boy is the day I am finished.

This is also the reason why I have read the entire Bible for so many times cover to cover yet I feel like I have not known anything. Try it for yourself. This is why we need a lot of humility and courage to admit this. I know I do.

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  1. Lea

    You have just displayed your humility Sir Francis Kong. Keep it up! God bless! =D

  2. abby

    Mr. Kong, I have read your book when i was in college. i became a big fan of yours. I’m happy that I have found your blog and everytime I go online, I have something to check other than my facebook account. I am very inspired by your stories. 🙂 I also ask my closest friends to read entries from your blog. Surely, they will also be very much inspired. Thank you!

  3. Delia V. Gomez

    Nov. 10, 2010

    Your article on IKTA SYNDROME is very true. Have read this from your column. Hope that readers will learn from this, including ME. Thank you.

  4. jrpdeluna

    That’s what happen to a person who knows a lot of things. like me. haha. Thanks for the reminder.

    Teaching is my gift and my passion and i want to share it. I’ve been doing trainings and seminars as well, but not as big as yours. But I’m looking forward of having my own Inspire LC someday.


  5. Mitch Yu

    Thanks for reminding me Sir Francis.. By the way Sir, I have read your book entitled D.U.H. Its so inspiring just like your other books. Keep up the good work Sir. God Bless.

  6. gary vargas

    Sir, Thanks a lot for this page of yours it really helps me a lot, i am a dj and im always using your insight for my ad-lib time..and first of all..using it for my daily are such a blessing i do really thanking God for you sir..God blessed and more are blessed sir..

  7. Jacqui

    Your October 30 “Love your job?” write up (Phil. Star) really change my mind set as an employee who is tired of my job. I post the following passage on my FB account wall (and quote also your name) so others can read and appreciate it also.
    “Don’t just love your job. Love the opportunity of having a job where you can learn and be productive. There are literally thousands out there who would want your job. So cultivate a thankful heart, and use your current employment as a stepping stone towards something better…”

  8. Gome

    AKNY in tagalog..very helpful

  9. neil Ko

    Dear Sir Francis,
    I thank the Lord for you and for your very inspiring teachings and lessons. Your messages helped me a lot and it give me a great sense of motivation. I hope i can invite you soon to my youth retreats. God bless you richly sir and may your home be filed with God’s joy always.

    with prayers,

  10. ed s deluna

    Greetings from New York City Mr. Kong !

    I have read about your work with admiration. I have not been privy to your professional profile i.e. what makes you “tick” and be successful.Until now, whenyou mentioned in this short article that you read the Bible. It’s clear to me that though you have the wealth of knowledge about the corporate world and its workings–people,processes etc, the deepest denominator which connect and transcend them all, i guess is your faith….And that’s pretty awesome. Just like you -et al , I am an educator and a professional development coach who appreciates and values training with deep passion.

    I am relocating to Manila by May2011 and hope our paths cross. Thank you for reading 🙂

  11. aldrich

    thanks sir Francis, you made me realized that i need to be humble every time. i am a 3rd year student, and i really need this inspiring thoughts.. thanks sir.

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