July 15, 2012

One of my favorite authors Philip Yancey has something to say about fat cells and this caught my attention. Let me share with you this article that Yancey writes:
Philip Yancey writes…
I don’t know what comes to your mind when you hear the word “fat”, but I have a good idea. In America fat is nearly always a dirty word. We spend billions of dollars on pills, diet books, and exercise machines to help us lose excess fat.
I hadn’t heard a good word about fat in years–that is, until I met Dr. Paul Brand. “Fat is absolutely gorgeous,” says Brand, a medical doctor who has worked with lepers in India. “When I perform surgery, I marvel at the shimmering, lush layers of fat that spread apart as I open up the body. Those cells insulate against cold, provide protection for the valuable organs underneath, and give a firm, healthy appearance to the whole body.”
I had never thought of fat quite like that!
“But those are just side benefits,” he continues. “The real value of fat is as a storehouse. Locked in those fat cells are the treasures of the human body. When I run or work or expend any energy, fat cells make that possible. They act as banker cells. It’s absolutely beautiful to observe the cooperation among those cells!”
Dr. Brand applies the analogy of fat to the body of Christ.
Each individual Christian in a relatively wealthy country like America is called to be a fat cell. America has a treasure house of wealth and spiritual resources. The challenge to us, as Christians, is to wisely use those resources for the rest of the body.
Ever since talking to Dr. Brand, I have taken sort of a whimsical pleasure once each month in thinking of myself as a fat cell on the day I write out checks for Christian organizations. It has helped my attitude. No longer do I concentrate on how I could have used that money I am giving away; rather, I contemplate my privilege to funnel those resources back into Christ’s body to help accomplish his work all around the world.[1]
End of article. Real Christians ought to be fat.
Fat in heart and fat in compassion.
The world now is obsessed with looking thin and being skinny. Just so they could wear those slim fit clothes and try to look beautiful in their own eyes. Hollywood stars now battling with anorexia and the media punishes celebrities that have put on weight?
Ever watched a fashion show?
Those tall and lanky female models look like they’ve just come out of Rowanda are so undernourished I see skeletons with clothes hanging on them.
And they call this beautiful?
Now being thin in the body is as bad as being thin with the soul.
There are Christians I know who are so miserly they wouldn’t want to part with their money and give it to the needy.
They fail to understand that Christians are blessed but not designed to become storehouses of blessings but to be channels of distribution to those who are in need.
Be a fat cell and give cheerfully.
This is the one place in the Bible wherein the Word of God says that every time we give to the poor, we are lending to the Lord.

[1] Philip Yancey in “World Concern Update,” January 1982. Leadership, Vol. 4, no. 1.

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