The 7 C’s of Character

September 13, 2023

The 7 Cs of Character by Michael Josephson:
CONSCIENCE. Your conscience is your moral compass. Take care of it. Use it. Trust it. COMPASSION. Nurture, express, and demonstrate compassion by caring about, giving to, and helping whomever you can, whenever you can, in all ways you can.
CONSIDERATION. Be considerate. Always be aware of how your words and actions affect others so you can do more good and less harm. CONFIDENCE. Approach every opportunity and challenge with confidence that you are worthy and able enough to succeed. Never doubt your inner strength to overcome temptations, difficulties, and misfortunes with honor and dignity.
COURAGE. Protect who you are and what you believe with courage. Master your fears and preserve your integrity by doing what you know is right, even if it costs more than you want to pay. CONTROL. Control the emotions, urges, and appetites that demean you, damage your name, or diminish your future.
COMPETENCE. Continually build your competence, knowledge, skill, and ability to ethically and effectively solve problems.

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