Thank You

December 21, 2012

“Thank you!” These are two words used too often it may have lost its lustre. To make it work it has to be specific. So let me put this principle into practice.
I would like to close the year by saying: “THANK YOU”
1. For the leadership and staff of FunWorks for making this year the best year ever. Rara has done a great job and has brought inspiration to everyone in the company.
2. For the young but dedicated and hard-working staff of Inspire Leadership Consultancy. They have gone throuth the process of reorganization and did it so well, obtained so many new clients. The ever charming GM Binky has performed way beyond our expectations.
3. For Ana Cristobal for patiently managing the book sales and collections and for being strict yet deep inside, remaining as one of the kindest people in planet earth.
4. For all those who keep on viewing this page providing me the inspiration and encouragement to continue doing what I am doing. And this even include the hecklers and the jesters who has given me more reasons to understand that the work of inspiring people needs to continue.
Have a Blessed Christmas and by the way…..the world will not end today. It is just the beginning of another beautiful life ahead,

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