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August 23, 2008

Brand new site. Tell me what you think about the design, graphics, color etc.

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  1. Marvin L. Sy

    the new site is simple but elegant. i use to browse at, although there are errors in some of the links. anyway looking forward to more inspiring and funny articles. thank you sir.


  2. Yvonne Palaganas

    The design of the page is simple and it can be a good thing since the focus of the readers go into the content. The black, white and gray colors somewhat create a corporate feel. Means business. But hmm what if the titles are colored red? Just an opinion. 🙂

    And the articles are insightful and reader-friendly!

    More power Mr. Francis Kong.

  3. allan Rodrigo

    I find your new website very businesslike and easy-to-read. I am thankful that you have posted the different topics on the last Zig Ziglar Seminar through powerpoint presentations. Thank you.

  4. Rojessa Mae Astillo

    I like the color n I like the design. It’s mt favorate color!
    Keep up the good work Mr. Kong, my mentor, hehehe… stay being good news to the world.

  5. jeanne

    Simple and direct to the point. Topics of interest can easily be found. Very like the person behind it – informative amd interesting

  6. Jozep

    Simple design, makes it very easy to navigate and read the contents.
    I just hope you could also add a calendar of your scheduled seminars/talks

  7. Rose

    Hi Sir Francis,

    I like what you have done with your new website, very neat. But i feel that there is still something missing, im not really sure but maybe you can add a little more color to it to make it lively. ( just my opinion ;p ) And also, is your picture really meant to look like that? no offense meant sir, but maybe it should be balance in shade, or so i think. Just some of my personal thoughts. Thank you so much for all the articles and everything that you have shared with us.

  8. Janet

    That’s not just the best aswenr. It’s the bestest answer!

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