Quiz for today: Is there a difference between a lectern and a podium? Clue: (you bet there is….) Tell me what the differences is (are). thanks.

July 15, 2013

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  1. Lotlot

    Literally podium is a platform from which you stand for. while lectern is a place or furniture from which you put your notebook. or any somethings to read.

  2. Tess

    A podium is a platform where the speaker stands while a lectern is usually a slanted stand to which the written materials of the speaker is placed for his guide so he does not read on the PowerPoint presentation.

  3. Eric T. Monte

    A podium is a platform or rostrum (e.g. for a speaker or an orchestral conductor). A lectern is a stand for holding a book (usu. the Bible) in church or a similar stand for a lecturer, etc.

    You stand at or behind the lectern; you stand on the podium.

    …but what do you call a podium that eats people?

    A Hannibal Lectern.

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