People Change

August 11, 2013

Here is a lesson I learned in life and that was not taught in school. I learn that over time, every person changes. You will change, and I will change and so we just have to make sure that we change for the better and not for the worst.
Some friends of mine have changed from being generous to being stingy. Others who used to be trouble makers have changed into mature and successful people who love God and their families. This is a lesson I have learned outside school. Your turn. Please share. What is a crucial lesson you have learned in life you never learned in school? thanks in advance for sharing.

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  1. Lessons of a Dad

    Well, I’ve learned that school will teach you to learn a trade, but it does not teach you much about important things like serving your fellow man, the need for relationships, and that we are so lost without God.

    I learned those in life, not in the classroom. As a teacher today, I try to bring what I learned outside the classroom into the classroom setting as well.

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