No Excuses!

November 18, 2008

I knew it was an 8:30 flight to Davao this is why I woke up 5:15 am took my time dressing up, dropped my car in Park and Fly, entered the Domestic airport at 6:05 AM. I looked at the board wanting to know what counter I should approach for the check in and to my horror saw that the flight to Davao was 6:30AM.

I blinked and I blinked again. Perhaps the early-morning-just-woke-up-still-lacking-in-my-sleep was playing tricks on me but there it was. It says: 6:30AM. And my watch says it’s now 6:06AM.

Quickly I rushed to the counter, hoping against all hopes that they would let me in.

“Mine is business class,” my mind read. It’s just a few minutes… But the gentleman on the counter said, “Sorry sir… it’s closed.”

I was so embarrassed because, someone was waiting for me and I hate being waited upon. Immediately my thoughts come, “No Excuses.”

Take care of little things while they are still little.

But these were the thoughts that ran in my mind:

“But the plane hasn’t left.”

”Don’t you know how important it is for me to catch this flight?”

“Don’t you know who i am? I’m pretty important you know…”

And as quick as those thoughts came, quick too came another thought.

“Francis, be careful… these are all “victim think… you are not a victim… you were simply not careful so again “NO EXCUSES!”

So there you go. Lesson learning time.

Because of this embarrassing situation, I will resolve to take a careful look at my plane ticket information details.

I will not ignore my associate’s reminders.

I will not be too over-confident.

And I will not want to write an article like this ever again!

Lesson: Take care of the little details while they are still little.

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  1. Madz

    Hi Francis, this lesson is easy enough to remember but when taken to heart, may be tricky to implement. And thank you really for reminding all of us about it! It got me thinking that sometimes in the guise of tolerance, understanding, carelessness, indifference, friendliness, etc – may have not really managed the innocent, venial sins from creeping into the landscape of my life.

    Please do not tire inspiring many people with your engaging talks and articles, especially the basics of living life in this temporary stopover.

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