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August 19, 2013

Here is a great example of what passion is. I’m so inspired with the sharing but in respect for her wish to stay anonymous, here is her sharing

Hi just want to share and request…
I gave birth a month ago to a healthy boy. I’m halfway through my maternity leave. It made me appreciate my mom even more — her being a “stay @ home mom”. I used to envy her coz I felt it was a laid back thing… Now that I’m experiencing it…. Oh my. Sometimes I wish I had a pause button just to have time out for myself (alone!) — I have to cook, nurse/feed baby, review lessons/ prepare for school with my elder daughter in grade 1, clean the house…etc. There’s so much to do pala! On top of that, sometimes you’re better half think you did nothing all day esp if you utter out you’re tired coz he’s the one who’s “working outside”. Talk about karma? Hehe. Ouch.

Anyway sir, to cut it short. I hope you’d post on sending love/appreciating stay at home mothers/fathers who (actually) takes care of the home (hindi ung bumming around lang to fb fb) … Love to my momma, the coolest senior citizen ever! God bless you Mr. Kong!
Guess what? She finally understands!

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  1. Rommel Borja

    Nice one here…This is very true…
    With my wife, apart from all these, my wife still does office works then when our 2 daughters were still babies..
    Now, she still does these things, well, except for the baby feeding…
    She wakes up @ 4:30am, takes care of our daughters in preparing for school (bath, eat and tidy up)…Then, it’s her time to prepare for work..
    Same when she gets home: gets the food ready, either she cooks or she buys, does the laundry or iron the clothes or washes the dishes….
    And in between all of these comes my collaboration….

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