Next Thursday

August 16, 2013

As I promised those wonderful 600 people who attended my August 8 talk in CCF Makati, I am planning to have a one and a half hour small group meet next Thursday at the same place at 7:30PM. No fees. But we all have to bring our own coffee. It will be an evening of learning life’s principles for success but rather than just talking, I will make this session an interactive one.
Best not to have more than 30 people for this group so please let me know if you would like to come. thank you.

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  1. Liezel Lopez

    It would be great to interact with you sir Francis.
    Hopefully soon you’ll visit Cebu ^_^

  2. Teofilyn Ferido

    Hi Sir Francis, I am so interested to attend that interactive session.
    (I missed the August 8 event, I got cut-off)
    I hope I’ll have the chance this time.

    Thanks and God Bless you.

    1. Francis Kong

      Thank you but I am still figuring out how to do the small group with to many people interested to attend. Will post more info here in this site. thank you for your interest.

  3. Ramir Dimaunahan

    I will be there on Thursday!
    Kindly reserve a seat for me.

  4. Chris Dao-anis

    This must be wonderful! I first heard you in person when you conducted a training to the club officers of (Philippines-District 75) Toastmasters Clubs in 2010. I salute you for helping a lot of people in their development for the greater good.

    How can I join this event, Sir Francis?

    Thanks a lot!


    1. Francis Kong

      Hi Chris, If you want to join the short talk this Thursday night at CCF Makat at A-Venue, (7PM) Just show up. No need for registration. thanks.

  5. ethel

    Hi Mr. Francis, wasn’t able to attend the 1st one since it’s packed already. Will surely be delighted to be included in this interactive session. God bless your endeavors!

  6. jingramos

    Hello Sir Francis.
    I would like to come and experience your unique way of sharing.
    Please let me know how. Hoping this time I can make it to the list.
    Thank you for everything you do to inspire excellence.

  7. JRoy Hipolito

    Hi Sir Francis, my wife and I wish to join your talk. How can we avail? Thank you.

    1. Francis Kong

      Hi! Am still figuring out a way to do this as the number of people who wish to attend will be more than the expected number. Will post more info here. thanks.

  8. Chris Dao-anis

    Oh, I missed this. But thanks, Sir Francis. Hope to be there at the next sched.
    God bless!

    1. Francis Kong

      THere will be another one. Will post updates. thanks.

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