Muscle Pains

June 21, 2015

A father was skeptical of his son’s latestinterest in becoming the next Mr. Universe. But being a father that he is, he followedthe teenager over to the weight-lifting department of a popular sports store.
“Please, Dad,” whined the boy, “Ipromise I’ll use them every day.”
“I don’t know, Michael. It’s really a big commitment on yourpart,” the father pointed out.
“Please, Dad?”
“They’re not cheap either.”
“I’ll use them Dad, I promise. You’llsee.”
Finally winning over, the father paid for theequipment and headed for the door. From the corner of the store though, heheard his son yell, “What! You mean I have to carry them to the car?”

The commitment seems to be in question.
I go to a gym every time I have a few hours tospare. I do my workout at the Rockwell Club as I do most of my businessmeetings in the vicinity.
I have been with the place for years now. Thestaff there is very polite and the service is great. The place is wellmaintained; the equipment is modern and functioning well and then there isSherwin.
Sherwin is one of the resident trainers in theplace who would warmly greet me and assist me every time I need help withcertain equipment.
One day I decided to get him as my personaltrainer. There are certain parts of my body that do not function well anymore.Age catches up with me. The last time I had a trainer was years ago and I triedto replicate the exercises he had taught me but little did I know that I wasdoing it all wrong.
Having a professional trainer really made allthe difference. Sherwin patiently explained the different exercises he made medo. He made me lift light weights, he corrected my posture and I found myselfsweating profusely, experiencing burning pains in different places I have notexperienced before.
Dressing up, I processed the experience. Manyof the things I did on my own were erroneous and ineffective. The shorttime that the trainer spent with me produced amazing results that I could nothave obtained on my own. This makes a good lesson for life and business.
Many of us think we know everything. Inbusiness, as it is in life we think that what we do is right. Perhaps they are,but what if we really are missing out on the many other things that could have fosteredus growth and brought us more fulfillment?
Many leaders who have been with organizationstend to do the same things they have been doing simply because it worked forthem in the past. In fact, their offices have been adorned with plaques,certificates and trophies of past achievements.
And so just like me, they go to their“office-gyms” doing the same exercises over and over again. It may work alittle but they might miss out as well on the bigger opportunities that couldhave brought their businesses to the next level.
The danger here is that the world has changedand the times are different. How sure are they that they are not driving theyounger workers away and robbing their own businesses of precious resources andopportunities without professional training?
This is why we need professional help andtraining in order to be more effective. The same principle applies when itcomes to life and living. We do not live life automatically; we need to livelife skillfully.
There is a need to be trained on life skillsas well as work skills in order to be right and be effective.
Leaders need to be trained in leadershipskills and update in order to be more successful.
The process will not be easy and we need tofeel the pain first but we will enjoy the benefits later.
Meanwhile…Uggh! Muscle pains! And when Icomplain about the pain, Sherwin smiles. He understands.

This is Rockewell Club Trainer Cerwin and I mistakenly called him Sherwin in my column.
This is Rockewell Club Trainer Cerwin and I mistakenly called him Sherwin in my column.

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  1. Niña Marie Avendaño

    Nice Sir Francis Kong…i guess that muscle pain is really worth it because I’ve learned something from what you’e experienced. Thank you so much sir for sharing! God Bless po!

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