Mind over Matter and Mouth

July 8, 2013

Public speaking starts with the mind and not the mouth.
A great deal of public speaking begins even before you go up the stage. It starts with the thinking process.
The human mind is like a computer hard disk.
Garbage in = Garbage out.
What you put into your mind you will use and go out of your mouth.
Assignment: Read more inspiring books. Watch inspiring movies. Listen to uplifting songs.

You need to put yourself in the right mind frame.
I start the day with prayer. Asking God to help me deliver what He wants the people to hear and to give me the wisdom to do my piece.
I go to the venue being inspired by good music. There is something about music that reaches down deep into the soul.
I sing along with the music. This means I am stretching my vocal chords.
Arrive early at the venue. I check out the place. Make sure that all the presentation support is there on time and ready for me.
All of these is mental work even before the mouth utters a single word.

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