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July 5, 2013

The best advice I got on public speaking came from my mentor Dr. Harold Sala. He said, (seeing how nervous I was before going on stage at the PICC many years ago):
“Francis, it doesn’t matter whether the audience is 10,000, 1,000, 100, or 10. Just think of yourself as speaking to only 1 person and make it personal.
This has shaped the way I speak over the years.

Have you ever been nervous before a crowd no matter how many they are?
Process this thought: What made you nervous?
Most of the time you’re worried about you.
Now here is something harsh and direct but I just have to say it: You will know and enjoy the fulness of public speaking and presentations when you stop focusing on yourself and focus on your audience because truth to tell, it’s not about you – it is about your audience that you should really care about.

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  1. Always inspiring. I’m still considering myself as new in everything. I love public speaking even though I’m nervous every time.

    1. Francis Kong

      Good for you! Being a little nervous is actually good.

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