Make People Mad

May 23, 2013

This is something I have observed:
You make some people mad when you do what is right. Do you see it too?
Why is this so and how do you deal with it?
You may want to give your ideas and share with others….

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  1. Marivic Faicol

    Some people get angry when we do the right thing because it runs contrary to their personal interests. For instance, when we point out an unnecessary expense in a proposed budget, a few would get annoyed as they stand to benefit from that expenditure. In other instances, people also get mad when we SAY the right thing because the truth is very difficult to accept, especially when it reflects on ourselves.

    1. Francis Kong

      This is so true. Those who do wrong will always hate those who do right. Darkness does not have fellowship with light. thanks for the input.

  2. joie omaña

    just a thought… maybe they are used with some practices that is half baked. where doing good and right things are not their main ingredient…and you are standing on their way… maybe they already have a culture of doing not so good things as a habit

    1. Francis Kong

      Good suggestion. WE just need to listen and experiment with their suggestions as well. thanks for the input.

  3. Cynthia

    I can give two reasons. One, they are use to what they do/follow, living in their comfort zones. This is specifically when changes happen in the organization and process. Two, their suggestions/recommendations matter the most. Everyone is entitled to give their suggestions but what is really frustrating is that in the end, they will scrap what you have suggested.

    How do I deal with it? If I know what I did is right, I do not need to explain. It is how they are going to live with it. Should there be changes in the process, this should be communicated well.

    1. Francis Kong

      YOu know Cynthia, one thing i have learned is that we cannot force anyone or everyone to think the way we do or do the way we want. Sometimes we just have to let the results speak for itself and when it comes in our favor, we keep humble about it and if it does not, then we humble ourselves the more and learn from it. thank you for your question.

  4. nineo caganap

    We cannot please everybody..:)

    Ganun po ata talaga, tama man o mali ang gingawa mo, may masasabi’t masasabi pa rin ang mga tao sayo.. 🙂 Sa lahat nmn po ng pagbabago na ginagawa natin may mga taong naninibago.. 🙂

    kung alam mo nmn po na tama ang ginagawa mo, bakit ka magpapaapekto sa kanila? hayaan mo lang ang mga taong tumataliwas saiyo, sa bandang huli naman po, ang mga resulta ng mga tamang desisyon at gawain mo sa buhay ang magpapatunay sa kanila na ikaw ay nasa katwiran at wala kang ginagawang masama.. 🙂

    1. Francis Kong

      Brilliant! Let the results speak for itself. Salamat!

  5. Benjie Balbon

    Thanks for the post, Sir Francis.
    This is true. In fact, I’m experiencing this now. I don’t get the right support. More so, rejection of proposals. I believe 1:1 to listen and just listen would be an effective tool for the mad people to settle down. Finding that opportunity to connect on a daily basis and enhance relationship will also complement. I hope this helps.

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