Madiskarte is not Good

December 3, 2013

Some people cheat in business thinking that they are being “smart” or being “madiskarte.” On the contrary it is a dumb thing to do to destroy one’s credibility in exchange for momentary benefits. To deceive is chicanery, it is not being smart or wise. It is actually evil. God has a lot of things to say against it and these choices bring inescapable consequences.

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  1. Allan Santos

    Will you agree if I say that behind every great fortune is a great crime? I personally believe that there is some truth about this….

    1. Francis Kong

      Not really. Hard to generalize but a study of the great fortunes of the days of old like J.C. Penny and John Wannamaker, etc, They were known to have guilt their fortunes due to their ethical and honest behavior. thanks for your input.

  2. Ceasherilyn Regondola

    Hi Sir Francis,

    You’re indeed an inspiration to all young professionals out there. Every article of yours entails not only facts but values as well. Keep inspiring!

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