Love is Not A Piece of Cake

August 5, 2013

Let’s continue with some more thoughts on love:
Love seeks for the best for its recipient and this is why you mean something else when you say: “I LOVE my chocolate cake.” That is not true love because you want to consume it.
Similarly when someone (unmarried) says, “if you love me you will go to bed with me…” That is not love because the person wants to consume you like you’re a piece of cake. True love seeks for the best for the one receiving it.
Do you agree with this observation?

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  1. Jesse Morales

    (Repost from FB) I agree that love seeks the best for its recipient, but I disagree that it is not about consumption as well. True love in fact needs both. It seeks the best for its recipient AND it does so because it is its pleasure to make it so (consumption). We love chocolate because it gives us pleasure that’s why we consume it. Love and pleasure go together, love is sacrificial but it is not unfeeling, it REJOICES (in the truth) we are told. To seek the best for love’s recipient IS the lover’s pleasure and to make it so is how he consumes it. An unmarried who equates love with sex is wrong not because he wants to consumate his pleasure, but because his ‘love’ was ill-defined to only include pleasure and lacked the ingredient of seeking the best of the recipient.

    1. Francis Kong

      Your point therefore Jesse as you explained is not a disagreement at all is it? Thank you for your insight.

      1. Jesse Morales

        Twas more of a clarification. The analogy to a piece of cake seems flawed because it made ‘consuming’ the villain. But the actual villain is ‘not considering the best for the recipient’, and unfortunately this element cannot be applied to chocolates and cakes which also undermines the analogy. Thanks for letting me comment, my friends share you thoughts regularly in facebook and I always enjoy them.

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