Life is Good

June 14, 2013

I loved the company of the class participants in my leadership training these two days. Met new friends in the process.
Off to Bohol tomorrow for another talk and then get to meet new people and renew friendship as well. Life is indeed good and it is a gift from God.

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  1. tess

    Life is indeed good. Having to meet people like you is a gift from God. You know why? Because, this past days when my son is beginning his teenage year, he’s beginning to have a different lifestyle, taste and group of friends. The same way just as I’m beginning to find ways on how to I will handle my son without him feeling tight or suspecting of something, your parental tips during the “leadership training” impacted the way I should parent my young going to teen hood. I only have 2 boys and they have to different persona. And I’m going to use your advice to manage my teen. Going back to leadership training, it was an eye opener of the behavior I lack to be able to go up. Modesty aside, I believe and my superior does too that I possess the qualities of becoming a good leader except for some attitude I need to improved, for one “connection” because I am a task oriented person and I neglect people around me just to get my job done Because of my attitude I am also least liked or known by my superiors who has the decision to promote people. I hope its not yet too late to bounce back to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming one of the recognized employee if not a leader in my company. And I wish I could go back to you someday and tell you how much I achieved because you spur me a lot in your lectures. AT this point I’cant thank you enough but I wish more well in your health and God Bless You and your family.

    1. Francis Kong

      But I am sure you will Tess. And please do not forget to tell me your success story when it happens. God bless you.

    2. Francis Kong

      And I am sure you would Tess. Please do not forget to tell me your success story when it happens. God bless you.

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