It’s a Mindset Thing

March 20, 2013

Are you facing challenges and obstacles? Here is an idea:
You really do not face obstacles by tackling it head on, but by tackling it with a different mindset and frame of mind. As for me. prayer really helps me accomplish this. What about you?

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  1. Manuel Gascon

    Amen! Renewing of mind is the basic step if we want change for the better.And it’s hard to change one’s mind but as you’ve said, ” there is power in prayer “, if we pray and act on what we prayed. ” PRAYER IS A TIMELY PRESCRIPTION ” a lesson I’ve learned during my seven seas away work period of 17 years. Thanks for your articles and more power to you. God bless you all the more!

  2. Manuel Gascon

    It’s good to see people on bended knee, These were the tallest person and getting stronger and stronger day to day.

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