July 10, 2013

The most destructive criticism is indifference.
Do not be afraid of criticism and do not hate the person who gives it. Learn from it. Improve and become better.
However, I never liked those who merely criticise but are incapable of offering constructive alternatives.
It seems that those who do the least complain and criticise the most. Have you observed this as well? Tell me your stories.

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  1. Kendy Tolentino

    Hello, Sir Francis! I am blessed to have heard you speak twice already, and again, as your audience would always say, you are commendable. As for this topic, yes, there are really people who find pleasure on finding other people’s imperfections; but merely doing it just for the sake of having something to share. With what I have observed with people I’ve talked with and listened to, most people who are like this are those who have got no intentions of finding good with someone else because they never wanted to be left behind. It is like their defense mechanism, so I do pity them. This is the reason why when I meet someone like this kind, I always make it a point to admire him physically, and any of what he is up to. After that, I try to divert on admiring someone else whom we both know, so he would be able to exercise the goodness within him. I love doing it over and over again because its magic really works! Of course, it’s not me, but the amazing grace of God!

  2. Nico

    Hello, Sir Francis, I’ve been following your weekly column for a couple of years now. Lots of things learned, re-learned and unlearned. I wanted to share a tiny tidbit my grandma used to say about criticizing and complaining. She was a simple woman, and everytime she would hear us whine and complain about something, she would remind us in Tagalog: “Ang pinakamaingay na lata, ay ang latang walang laman.” That would always keep us in check 🙂

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