I’ll Be Back and I am not Arnold….

September 11, 2008

Close to 3,000 people in 2 days time. Whew! So tired but so happy. My friend Dr. Alan Melacor squeezed in 8 talks for two days and brought me from Cagayan de Oro to Malaybalay Bukidnon (Beautiful place!) and had me speak to those wonderful people. Their warmth, their hospitality, their smiles and their laughter ……moments like these do not come everyday as the Ilocana and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Christ Commission Fellowship CDO organized and sponsored a parenting seminar and the place was filled with 888 participants…(hm-mm…..like the Beijing Olympics.) I enjoyed the session as the very well organized CCF staff made sure that participants maximized their learning while I did the speaking. Breakout sessions, survey forms, ice breakers came complete with the “talkies” and the only question I heard people ask is when will the next seminars be.

Well…there are plans for me to go back to Bukidnon and CDO to do talks on February of next year. And I look forward to this. Got home yesterday afternoon, opened my email, made some business phone calls and crashed.

Today, things are back to normal. Doing the early morning segment with Umagang Kay Ganda doing a talk for students in a very popular school which is 2 to 3 hours travel away from Manila…and you know what? I may be very tired but I feel joy and happiness welling in my heart….”same thing here….” says the Ilocana who is with me most of the time.

Tell me now….have you ever felt the same way? Tired but happy? And would you like to tell me all about it? “I’ll be back…” and this is Francis speaking not Arnold! Lord willing of course!

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  1. albert

    hello sir francis! i was so thankfull that you have visit us in BSU, sir i was thanfull that you shear some words to me and to all BSU student. You know sir i’m not fun of joining some of simenar like you did last monday afternoon but thanks for my friend (ate joe) that she invited me to join and to hear you speak, but now that i’ve heard you and you inspired me i’m soo thankfull; i’m now incurage to join simenar like what you did last monday. thank you very much and i hope i could listen to you, to your next visit here.


    hi sir… saw you at Umagang kay Ganda this morning… your words are very inspiring… learned a lot from that very short stint of yours…. hope I’ll get the chance to attend one of your seminars/talks soon… and of course looking forward to meet you in person.. Goodluck on your endeavors..

  3. ruel

    Hi sir!! I saw this morming at Umagang kay Ganda but patapos na!, and I get na lang yung email address nyo po. Interesting yung topic nyo, regarding IQ, EQ and AQ, could you please send me an article about this topic? Cause naimpress ako sa pag explain nyo. More power and thank you!!

  4. alyssa

    hi Sir Francis! i just want you to know that i really had fun with your talk at our school, CDBS. :] All of us thinks that you’re a very good speaker and of all the talks the school held for us, students, yours is the best and the most effective, you kept us awake and really interested.
    I got inspired with you’re talk, especially the ways of expressing our love to others. I will also remember your 7Bs! haha! more power to you and God bless! 🙂

  5. francis

    hello Mr.Francis J. Kong..i’m francis olivares..we have the same name..hehe…im also from caritas don bosco school..i like your speech..its very beautiful and inspiring..you’re so good..very smart,intellegent..and your voice so amazing..haha..thankyou for accepting our sister’s invitaion..i really had fun..thankyou for the time..

    ingat po lagi!!!
    GOD BLESS!!!

  6. Ramon

    good day Sir Francis!

    We enjoyed the seminar when you came to our school, CDBS. We thought it would be boring but we made a mistake. haha. 🙂 we had so much fun, we enjoyed it and we learned so many things from you.
    hope you come back again! see you!

    God bless!

    Ramon Agbisit

  7. paolo

    gnda po ng talk mo knina!! 😀
    I really got inspired by ur words! ^^
    ty for visitng us at CDBS!

    ingat po keu palage!!

  8. a student from CDBS

    hi sir Francis, I just want you to know that your a very good speaker that really catches the attention of many people and have a very great sense of humor.. I really enjoyed the forum.. And I also want to ask a question, “paano ko po matutulungan ang isang tao maka-gain ulit ng tiwala from his parents?” (parents po ang nawalan ng tiwala, to make it clear.;) and how could I lead a person for him to know how he could know what he reall wnats in life?” thank you po, I hope you could answer my questions….. take care… And GodSpeed

  9. Francis Kong

    Parents some times get disappointed but this does not mean they love us less. Trust is to be earned. And the best way to earn the trust is to deliver on what you promise and to tell them to help them along the way.
    Trust cannot be demanded, it can only be earned.
    So stay focused! Thanks for the good and kind words.

  10. willie m. gozun

    hi francis, i am a friend of lot oliveros from pampanga.
    i have a son who will be graduating this march. i think that it will be a big help for them to hear your inspirational talks. please help me on how to make this possible. i hope you still have some free dates on your hectic schedule to accomodate us. i would also want to know how much it will be to have you as our speaker.
    thank you very much.

  11. bernadett

    Hey! goodmorning. i really need info about A.Q. what does that mean again?
    Hope you’ll answer. thankyou! Godbless

  12. aya

    what touched me most with your talk at cdbs are these words: “i love my children equally, but i love them differently.” sometimes children asked their parents whom they love most among their children..now i found the right answer…thank you…

  13. Hannah

    Hi Sr. Francis, I am also a student from CDBS. I was really inspired from your talk. Without any visual aids or anything at all, you really did a good job! :] We hope that you can come and do a talk to us again. I even told my parents aboit your amazing talk. Thanks you once again. :]

    Hannah Pascual

  14. shinar

    hi! Mr. Kong! im shinar a student from BSU..thank you for sharing us about winning and losing….i was really inspired by your talk..i’ve learn a lot of principles about life…and i would keep this for me to become a better person…i really really admire you…the way you spaek and the way you deal to the crowd…
    thank you again sir ….!!!

  15. Arnel Manas

    Sir good day, I heard you once in our lunch & learn sponsored by our company, instantly you become my idol, yes it happens to me tired but still can afford to smile because you like what you did ,i think that’s motivated talent it comes very natural… thanks for inspiring a lot of peole

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