Hurting or Helping?

June 5, 2013

There are people we help and there are people we hurt.
Some times we hurt the people we want to help. We need to be wise when it comes to this. Have you ever hurt the people you were helping and how did you deal with it once you realised it?

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  1. ellen minas

    I hurt my daughter’s feeling when I was trying to help in planning for the graduation of the children/s DVBS. She was offended with my remarks.which I thought was just okay since we do those (remarking things) at home. But I realized that our roles at that moment is not mother and daughter but co-workers in the ministry. And she was the appointed head to oversee and plan everything. Upon realizing my mistake a day after the incident, I approached her and humbly accept my fault and she admit that she was badly hurt. She said she was easily offended because of the week long stress caused by the responsibility put upon her shoulder and she was a first timer. The graduation was a success and our relationship restored. God bless us all.

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