How are you Francis?

November 10, 2008

I have friends. I have so many friends all over the country and some abroad too. This is the fringe benefit of what I do as I speak and train all over the place. People meet me everywhere. They greet me, too. Most of them would say, “Hi Francis, how are you?”  “Good or Great!” is the usual non-thinking answer yet when I think a little bit more seriously, the right response should be, “Better than I deserve.”

Let me explain. God has been so merciful and He has blessed me and my family with so much I do not deserve them yet His Grace has bountifully provided. I will not be able to respond to all the good things people have been posting on this site but allow me to mention a few:

Leah from Avon: You have been a blessing to me when I did the difficult 2-day workshop seminar on leadership and your countenance and charm certainly rubbed off on the other participants too. And then you took the time to send me an encouraging text message and now you’ve posted your comments on this site… this is better than I deserve!

Rose who writes for The Phil. Star too, to receive such compliments from a writer and to be encouraged by you really means a lot to me… this is better than I deserve.

All the wonderful people I addressed in Davao City and all the more than 1,000 bright and promising 4th year high school students I spoke to this morning, your very positive comments and encouragement have fueled the fire within me to do more talks in schools hoping to touch the hearts and minds of teachers, parents and students alike wishing and praying that a new generation of productive and godly people will populate and lead this lovely country that has been mismanaged over the years because of poor values. This is better than I deserve.

You know what? I think from this day on, I will consciously develop the habit of responding with the words: “Better than I deserve” every time somebody will greet me, “How’re you doing Francis” simply because it is true.

Thank you and may God bless you all!

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  1. Van

    Hi sir, we are very glad to meet you here in SMA Pasay, you are a very good speaker, you know well. Thank you for inspiring us, and teaching us. May God bless you always… I’m striving to be like you too… hehe 😀 thanks

  2. Aldwin Dumago

    Hi Sir Francis! I wish I have the chance of seeing you again during your trip to Davao. I missed the opportunity of attending the Balancing Family and Work seminar last Saturday morning, but I heard wonderful remarks from my teachers who attended the seminar. I told them it’s always a guarantee that the audience will leave the seminar venue full of inspiration and encouragement from you as speaker.

    I wish you well in your many many talks to come. Continue to touch the hearts and minds of more people just as you have touched mine. The world needs more speakers like you who, thru the power of words, can change the mindset of people who have lost hope.

    Your books and weekly columns on The Philippine Star are always part of my must-read list. Not only are they entertaining but they are also very informative and inspirational.

    Hope to see you in the near future, Sir Francis! God bless you always!

  3. Leah

    Hi Mr. Francis, i thank you for influencing me as well as the way i think, i may not be that old in the company, but having a training with you has changed my view or perspective. Hope you’ll enjoy my special presentation for you… God bless!

    “today, i will multiplly myself”-1 of the 10 scrolls of the greatest salesman in the world by Og mandino =)

  4. verda lagrada

    for all your messages…speeches….powerful and awakening words….how did you start?…when did you start?….what led you to do, to have all these things?…i have many questions how you come up with all these things….a baby years before….now….the tallest among the tallest….i was to get jealous with you and your achievements, but realized i should not….my sister gretchen told me not to judge my worth based on other’s standards…. so i’ll just say…SPREAD YOUR WINGS MORE …AND TRY TO BRING US UP WITH YOU…..

  5. ma. carmela taguines

    hi mr. francis, your talk on leadership last thursday, nov 13, with our group at SEAMEO was superb! a few days before that meeting i casually wished that the company would invite someone who could inspire us more in our jobs. you did more than that…you have touched my life and i could pretty well assume that you did the same with the lives of my colleagues. people who have listened to you may have given you all the compliments you deserve… you truly have an AMAZING talent. what actually struck me the most is that, for somebody like you, who have been blessed and gifted, you lifted all the GLORY TO THE GREATER ONE! thank you and God bless.

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