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August 22, 2008

Welcome to FrancisKong.com!

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  1. Dear Mr. Kong,

    I had the privilege of listening to you for the first time during your talk at the Ateneo High School Father and Son Bonding two weeks ago. I was glad that I joined the event. Frankly, you are one of the best speakers I have encountered. You perfectly mix humor, speaking eloquence, style and substance. I instantly became one of your fans and started reading your articles in the Philippine Star. Being the head of a corporation with 500 personnel, I also would like my Managers to experience the same privilege I had listening to you. Thus, can you please e-mail me a list of lectures you conduct on personnel management (coaching, motivation planning, etc). I must warn you though, that like your lovely wife, I too am an Ilocano possessing the same quality of thriftiness. I hope you can help me on this small request. Thank you and more power to Mr. Francis Kong!

  2. Rojessa Mae Astillo

    I am lucky I was able to attend your speach last monday. actualy i did not plan to join it it’s just that the school president closed the exit gate. so, kyasa naman tumonganga lang ako doon at maghintay kung kaylan bumokas pumonta nalang ako. thanks to the school president, dahil kung hindi dahil sa kanya, i probably missed half of my lyf.
    by the way mentor, kaylan ka kaya magkakaarticle about family matters? i have some problem with my mother kase eh…
    cge poh God bless to you and to your family. stay being Good News to the World..

  3. Juanita

    ” Selebriti Kahwin Basah???”

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