Getting Along With People

December 18, 2010

How do you get along with people? Well, listen to this story:

2 people had adjoining farms, one raised wheat and had children and large dogs. The other raised sheep.

The sheep farmer was in a quandary because the dogs next door were running into his pastures and frightening the sheep. He spoke to his neighbor but the invasions continued. He thought about taking the neighbor to court. He even thought about poisoning the dogs. Then one day he found a solution.

Some new lambs were born and the sheep farmer gave each of his neighbor’s children a lamb as a pet. They were delighted! Because of the pet lambs, the father could no longer let the dogs run amok. He restrained them and taught them to leave the lambs and sheep alone… And everybody lived happily ever after.

That tiny little powerful booklet named Bit and Pieces offers: Ten suggestions for getting along better with people. Listen to this:

1.) Guard your tongue. Say less than you think. I am a public speaker but I need to be silent when it comes to this.

2.) Make promises sparingly. But keep them faithfully.

3.) Never let an opportunity pass to say a kind word. This can be developed as a habit over time.

4.) Be interested in others, their pursuits, work and family. In other words, be human and be sensitive to others.

5.) Be cheerful. Don’t dwell on minor aches and small disappointments. Some people brighten up the room by leaving it. Don’t be one of these.

6.) Keep an open mind. Discuss but don’t argue. Disagree without being disagreeable. You’ll know you have a great personality when people disagree with you yet continue to like you.

7.) Discourage gossip. It is destructive. Never talk bad against anyone behind his or her back. This is an act of cowardice you know.

8.) Be careful of other’s feelings.

9.) Pay no attention to ill-natured remarks about you. Live in such a way that nobody will believe them. Even if you fee like getting even… don’t.

10.) Don’t be anxious about getting credit. Just do your best and be patient.

Well these are 10 suggestions for getting along with people and take note of this. Every single suggestion presented above comes right out of the bible.

Following them and applying them to our daily lives not only in the work place but in the homes as well gives us the principles on how to get along with people.

Good leaders know how important it is to develop good people skills.

Somebody says: Life is easy; it’s the people who make it difficult!

But leadership is above all things dealing with people.

Follow the advices given today and these 3 things will happen:

First you’ll discover that people will like you more.

Second, you’ll discover that you’ll like people better.

Third, you’ll discover that you’ll like yourself as well.

Not that not everyone will like you. Not everyone will like me. I know this very well. Whether the sentiment is justified or not is not the point. One thing I have discovered in life is that I may not be able to control everyone but if there is one person I can control it’s got to be me.

The Bible commands that we are to be at peace with everyone to the best of our ability. This is what I want to do and even if some people don’t….I still do.

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  1. ces

    Sir Francis,

    This is very true. I will try to follow-up your advise.


  2. Bow

    Sir Francis, sa tuwing kailangan ko ng lakas ng loob, npapadaan ako sa lugar na to. God lead me to read your masterpieces, which I believe his way to talk to me. Thank you very much. Huwag po kayong magsasawang magbigay ng ganitong mga obra. God Bless po.

  3. Princess

    hi sir, thank you for giving us chance to read this kind of advise 🙂

  4. anthony raz

    Dear Mr Kong,
    Thank you, I love reading you books. Where do you say you service? I would very much like to attend.
    God Bless,

  5. Anna Calderon

    Sir Francis,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I hope our boss will read your articles too. ^_^

  6. jes

    Be patient!! -Thanks for this sir!

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