June 14, 2014

Somebody said: “Father’s Day was both a joy and a worry as my kids were growing up. Iwas always afraid they were going to give me a present that I couldn’t afford.”

What is the definition of a dad?

What are the characteristics of afather? This is an old material given me but I could not trace the origin ofits authorship. However, it makes for a good read.


·     I must hold the television remote control in myhand while I watch TV. If the thing has been misplaced, I’ll miss a whole showlooking for it, though one time I was able to survive by holding a calculator.

·     When I lock my keys in the car, I will fiddlewith a wire clothes hanger and ignore your suggestions that we call roadservice until long after hypothermia has set in. Oh, and when the car isn’trunning very well, I will pop the hood and stare at the engine as if I knowwhat I’m looking at. If another guy shows up, one of us will say to the other,”I used to be able to fix these things, but now with all these computersand everything, I wouldn’t know where to start.”

·     When I catch a cold I need someone to bring mesoup and take care of me while I lie in bed and moan. You never get as sick asI do, so for you this isn’t an issue.

·     I can be relied upon to purchase basic groceriesat the store, like milk, or bread. I cannot be expected to find exotic itemslike “Cumin” or “Tofu.” For all I know these are the samething. And never, under any circumstances, expect me to pick up a copy of”Cosmo” or “Better Homes & Gardens.”

·     When one of our appliances stops working, I willinsist on taking it apart, despite evidence that this will just cost me twiceas much once the repair person gets here and has to put it back together.

·     I don’t think we’re all that lost, and no, Idon’t think we should stop and ask someone. Why would you listen to a completestranger–how could HE know where we’re going?

·     You don’t have to ask me if I liked the movie.Chances are, if you’re crying at the end of it, I didn’t.

·     I think what you’re wearing is fine. I thoughtwhat you were wearing five minutes ago was fine, too. Either pair of shoes isfine. With the belt or without it looks fine. Your hair is fine. You look fine.Can we just go now?

If you see a person, hear aperson and observe a person do the things I mentioned then you can be sure heis a dad.


Fathers need to spend time withtheir kids. I’m glad I did. I may have traveled a lot, spoke for more than 300times in a year for many years (I still do today) yet none of my kids todaywould ever say that I did not have time for them.  Second to God and The Ilocana, my kids are my priority overmy businesses.

You lose a ball game. You lose a job. You lose yourbusiness that could be a momentary shame. But when you lose your family that isa calamity. We cannot love our kids unless we are available to them.

I teach courses in leadership. Many of my clients areexecutives of huge and prestigious companies in this country and some abroad.The more I train on leadership the more I realize that leadership skills ARElife skills; corporate values ARE life values and there should be no dichotomybetween business and the family life.

As a father I battle it out in the market place and I wantto be a good provider. But as a dad I also realize that I need to exercise my spiritual and moralleadership in the home.


My friend author and speakerKrish Dhanam sent methis wonderful material every father should remember. And by the grace of God Ido.

I may never gather diamonds.

I may never amass gold.

My friends may consider me a failure when my businesslife is told.

But if you grow up Godly my son, I will be glad.

I know I will have been successful as your dad. (anon)

Happy Father’s Day!

(I wonder what present my kidshave bought me this time and I really hope I can afford it…)

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