Famealy Matters

September 20, 2012

Me with the Ilocana and my kids at the recent launch of my new book, Famealy Matters.

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  1. Amircar "Micky"

    God bless you and your family brother Francis Kong! I pray that you have incredible success with your new book and look forward to future updates on the sale of your book. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sandy Estrada

    What a refreshing sight!(sigh) Love your smiles. God bless you and your family, Mr. Kong.

  3. Con

    Do you have scheduled workshops/seminars here in Sydney, Australia?

    1. Francis Kong

      None for the moment but there are plans for me to do so next year. Will keep things posted. thanks for asking.

  4. Edgar

    Thanks for the update and for sharing the lovely photos of your family. I pray that God will inspire you more in sharing your humble experiences in achieving success and significance to others. Blessings.

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