Education and Educators

April 17, 2012

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Says Malcolm Forbes.
Today I will have the privilege to speak to 400 educators this morning and speak on parenting tonight. So few people have the privilege of doing this and this is why of all men I am so blessed!

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  1. Juliet L. Sacay

    Hi Sir Francis Kong,

    Good day!

    I really took time to see your posts everyday, it really inspires me and make my day great!. I hope you will have the time to have seminars again here in Cebu.
    I know you always come here for seminars but my schedules will not fit in.I feel I have a mission to fulfill and that is to becoming a motivational speaker just like you.


  2. Dan

    You are blessed because you share your knowledge and experiences while others keep it to themselves.

    God bless Mr. Francis! =)

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